Look the Part to Play the Part as a Professional Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

I’ve never met a Broadway play I didn’t like (except maybe one or two by Harold Pinter) and any time I’m in New York City I cram in as many Broadway shows as I can. Tom and I love it all – drama (Chekov’s “The Seagull” with the unexpected bonus of sitting right behind Keanu Reeves), outlandish musicals (“Kinky Boots”) and dance performances (“Alvin Ailey”). But as much as I love theater I also love roaming the streets of New York City.

4 Pages and 1 Link Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Should Have On Their Website

For Certified Legal Nurse Consultants a website, like an email address, isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity! A website and the accompanying domain name allow you to brand yourself and your legal nurse consulting business to attorneys who litigate medical-related cases. Attorneys may never visit your website, but they expect you to have one. They also expect your email address to match your website’s domain name.

Here’s One Way for Legal Nurse Consultants to Avoid Being Speechless in Front of Attorneys

Here’s One Way for Legal Nurse Consultants to Avoid Being Speechless in Front of Attorneys

In the speaking world, we have a saying that some people at a funeral would prefer to be in the coffin than stand up and deliver the eulogy. There’s something that happens to all of us when we have to get in front of people. Tom jokes with me, “Vickie, you talk incessantly. You have something to say all the time, but when I turn the video camera on, you’re speechless!” Yes, sometimes that’s really true, even about me.

12-Hour Shifts Are a New Legal Nurse Consultant’s Best Friend

CLNC students sometimes express concern about getting their first legal nurse consulting job while working a full-time RN job at the hospital. My response: 12-hour shifts are your best friend, providing you use your four days off each week to grow your legal nurse consulting business.

CLNC® Consultants – Stick Your Branding

With just a few clicks of your mouse and pennies, every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has access to a wide variety of companies who create stickers of every size, shape, design and color.

When It Comes to Marketing, There’s No Reason to Be Shy

When it comes to marketing, are you shy or introverted? Don’t let that stop you. Our Marketing Mentor, Evie shared an experience with a CLNC consultant who was exhibiting with her in our National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC) exhibit booth:

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