25 Ways to Network Your Way to CLNC® Success − Part 1

EDITOR’S NOTE: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants market to attorneys in a wide variety of ways. However, only one strategy is free, effective and used by ALL CLNC consultants – networking. You’ll become a wiser networker with the help of our CLNC Pros. We asked these experts to share their best strategies for networking your way to CLNC success.

Is It Time to Junk Your Old Car?

After 12 years, Tom finally bought a new car. It seemed every time he turned around something was wrong with the old global warmer, necessitating expensive repairs and the inconveniences that go with them. After it became clear that passing inspection would require a wheels-to-roof rebuild, we agreed we could keep putting good money into a bad car or we could buy a new one. He’s much happier now and his new global warmer rides much more comfortably and reliably than his old one.

Postcards Are a Cheap and Effective Marketing Strategy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Have you noticed that you’re getting a lot less snail mail these days? Technology rules and one day soon our postal system won’t be delivering those stacks of magazines and catalogs to our door six days a week. The trend toward email and texting is exactly why this is the perfect time to send postcards to attorney-prospects. I actually notice postcards more today than I did ten years ago because I receive a lot fewer of them.

A New Marketing Strategy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

You’ve QA’d your legal nurse consulting business, but have you QR’d it? QR, or quick response, codes are all the rage in the advertising world. These are the small images or blocks of computer code you see in magazine ads, boarding passes and newspapers. When you see a QR code, you simply need to focus your smartphone’s camera on it (and have the right app) and it will take you to a webpage selected by the QR code’s author.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Julie Somen-Becker Shares How She Builds Successful Attorney-Client Relationships

One of the most important strategies I use to build successful attorney-client relationships is to remain available and accessible to my clients. Even when things are extremely hectic and busy, I never let my attorney-clients sense that I am too busy for them. I always reach out promptly with at least a short response or suggest a time to talk when they request something. Mobile devices make it easy for me to respond promptly.

Are You Sending Your Attorneys Information or Relevant Information?

Providing attorney-prospects free information is a great marketing strategy that can give you instant credibility as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. You can provide free information through an information newsletter (print or electronic), website and even social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.

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