Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Shares 3 Memorable Ways She Has Made a Difference

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I have had a number of wonderful experiences. These are the three memorable ones I want to share with CLNC® consultants everywhere. After reading this, I hope you’ll agree that we do make a difference.

The first case involved an autistic 19-year-old boy. He was put on a new medication, not monitored properly and ended up being self-abusive to the point of severely injuring himself. He tore his face apart and became septic. His parents were frantic. I was able to pinpoint the issues for the attorney. Before I reviewed the case and made my recommendation, the physician had refused to change this young man’s medication. I was instrumental in getting him the appropriate help so that his behavior returned to baseline. His parents and the attorney were so grateful. The attorney continues to consult with me, and also frequently refers me to other attorneys. This case gave me one of my first opportunities to say, “Ah ha! I see what legal nurse consulting is all about.”

The next experience was with an attorney I have worked with for years. He only does cases involving dog bites. However, in one case, I found that it was not just a personal injury case, I discovered malpractice. The case suddenly got much more intense and the depth of requested information increased. My information provided my attorney-client with a finished product he will never forget. The case grew to voluminous proportions once I uncovered the malpractice. My attorney-client tells everyone how pleased he was with my CLNC® work product, and how fortunate he feels to have a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant help with his cases. He says this case proved why he cannot do any of his medical-related cases without me.

My third memorable experience is not a case but how wonderful I feel when I meet CLNC® students. I have such a positive sense of satisfaction when they tell me that the opportunity to speak to a full-time practicing Certified Legal Nurse Consultant helped them make the decision to go forward with becoming a CLNC® consultant. I feel I am a part of an exciting new start for a fellow nurse, looking for a new way to use his/her nursing knowledge. I know for them, like me, that going through Vickie’s Certified Legal Nurse Consulting program will be a life-changing decision, and knowing I’ve made a positive difference in their lives makes me feel very excited and happy.

I love making a difference as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

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Dale Barnes, RN, MSN, PHN, CLNC has more than 26 years of diverse nursing experience. During her 11 years in business as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant she has successfully handled a variety of cases and consults with both plaintiff and defense attorneys who specialize in oncology cases. Dale is a CLNC Mentor and a guest faculty member for LegalNurse.com.


2 thoughts on “Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Shares 3 Memorable Ways She Has Made a Difference

  1. I absolutely agree Certified Legal Nurse Consultants make a difference and appreciate your thoughts and insight. I find the blogs extremely encouraging and as a beginner appreciate the inspiring stories and support. Dale encouraged me to take the VIP CLNC® Business System and I have no regrets, loved the 2010 NACLNC® Conference and the networking opportunities. Ready for my first attorney referral and I hope to be able to contribute with my memorable ways to make a difference!

  2. I had the privilege of sub-contracting for Dale this past year (right before the 2010 NACLNC® Conference, in fact). Not only is Dale a great CLNC® Mentor, she has a unique gift of helping us learn the things we need to know by the tone of her voice and the way she teaches. Several times I thought I was doing things wrong, but her constant reassurance gave me the confidence I had lost over time (you know how when you don’t get a new client for a really long time and your cold calls go unanswered and unappreciated? How your confidence level drops like a brick off a 10-story building?) Dale gave me that confidence back as she gently guided me through the part of the case that had to be letter-perfect and exactly what the attorney-client wanted. Can you clone her? I thank LegalNurse.com for having people like Dale as CLNC® Mentors. Because of her I was able to come up with new goals for my CLNC® business for this next year (techniques for work products), ones that will better enable me to provide my clients with an even higher quality work product than I had before.

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