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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Apple iPad – Kindle-Killer or Legal Nurse Consultant Must-Have?

I had a chance to stand in line and look at the iPad® this past week. As I always am with Apple® products, I was very impressed with its quality and its display. It seemed to be an iPod Touch® with a monster steroid problem, a little big to clip to your belt and too limited to replace your laptop.

Other than the ability to use its 802.11n Wi-Fi connection (and optional 3G) to download books in full color (as opposed to Kindle®‘s gray-scale), surf the Internet, do email, watch videos, listen to music and download Apps from the Apps Store, I’m not sure what to think of it. It still won’t multitask and doesn’t support Adobe® Flash® which is a disappointment. If you properly synch it, it will do the same calendar functions as your iPhone, BlackBerry® or other phone so, I ask, is it the future or just another half-step?

I’d like Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to let me know what they think of the iPad and how they might apply it to their legal nurse consulting business, versus personal use. One thing I came up with would be its terrific ability to show graphics to an attorney-client when trying to explain an injury. I’m sure Apple will eventually authorize Skype for the iPad – that’ll change how we make video calls. What can you think of?

If anyone out there plans on buying an iPad, click here to comment and tell me. If you’re dead-set against buying one, click here to comment and let me know why not. Either way, I’d love to hear what uses the CLNC® community will come up with for this nearly way-cool device.

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4 thoughts on “Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Apple iPad – Kindle-Killer or Legal Nurse Consultant Must-Have?

  1. I am a big Mac fan, but believe in waiting for the “second generation” of their products. The big techies in my Mac club have to have it now. A couple of these guys were with Apple when it first started. They have lots of money so will continue to upgrade whenever they wish.

    I have an iPhone and a Kindle. They are both great and I have no problem with the Kindle not being in color.

    If I am going to give a presentation, I think I would stick with my MacBookPro.

  2. I am also a big Mac fan. I love my iPhone and love my MacBook. I am within weeks of buying an iMac. The iPad to me is clumsy. I have a Nook from Barnes and Noble. The iPad is too large to carry for book reading. My 13 inch MacBook is a perfect notebook size and the smaller Nook and iPhone serve their purposes. That in between size is just clumsy and an overlap of all the applications I already have. In addition, I think the cost is ridiculous. Mac usually comes out with genius products. Somehow, I think they missed the boat here. I can do perfect presentations and make Skype calls on my 13 inch MacBook. I just don’t need another gadget!

  3. I completely agree with Dale’s response. Another issue I have is that from what I have heard is that there is no way to highlight key passages and/or make notes in the margins to save time finding important information later on.

  4. At this point in time I would not use the IPAD. It would simply be one more piece of equipment that I needed to carry with me. My 14″ Windows 7 HP laptop fits is light weight and easy to carry. It is simply remains a better choice as it lets me do everything and my HTC Tilt 2 smart phone fills in when I do not have it with me. If I cannot multitask and access the programs I need when I need them it simply would have no value to me at this point in time.

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