Who Is Riding You and Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

Who Is Riding You and Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

Today when I was working out with my trainer, it seemed I was doing everything wrong. It didn’t matter if I was doing a chest-press, a squat or even lying flat on my back in exhaustion – he was correcting me. This could have had something to do with my late night hanging with friends (or not).

Jerome is a perfect specimen of muscle who has control over every part of his anatomy. He’ll tell me to fully engage my lat muscles and I’m thinking I’m a nurse and I didn’t know the lats went that deep. Somehow he coaches me until, yes, I find them and yes, I actually engage them.

Today he was relentless. “Vickie, pin those shoulder blades to the bench. Vickie, contract your gluts. Vickie, engage your ADs. Vickie, hold that plank for a minute longer.” For 60 minutes he was instructing, critiquing and continuously driving home the message. I was getting so tired of hearing my name called out that I finally broke down and said “Jerome, call your wife and tell her Vickie said don’t come home tonight, it’s not going to be pretty.” Jerome laughed and replied, “Vickie you are so funny. Now pull those shoulder blades down and back like I told you.”

When we want to do something right, we find a coach or mentor to instruct, critique and drive us no matter how tired we get. The best athletes on the planet have coaches for a reason. The next time a CLNC® Mentor critiques you and drives home a message, sit up, pay attention and get to work. Your CLNC business depends on it.

Success Is Yours,

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