Finish It Out as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Finish It Out as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

“Finish it out” is the mantra of my trainer, Jerome. It doesn’t matter what exercise I’m doing, he’s always pushing me “Finish it out Vickie, finish it out.” If I’m doing a lat pull-down or a one-arm row, he doesn’t want me stopping short. Every exercise has a full range of motion and it’s easy to quit before contracting those muscles to their full potential. For example, if you’re doing one-arm chin-ups it’s easy to quit before your chin reaches the bar, and that’s exactly when I’ll hear Jerome chanting, “Finish it out Vickie, finish it out.” Okay, I really don’t do one-arm chin-ups (yet), but you get the idea, right?

When you’re writing a report or providing any of the other 30 CLNC® services to your attorney-clients, ask yourself, “Have I finished it out?” I’ve critiqued more legal nurse consulting reports than I can keep track of and often my response is just like Jerome’s, “Nice start, but now it’s time to finish it out.” Always assess whether you identified and engaged your analysis as deeply as is required to win the case.

Keep an ear cocked for Jerome and me as we’re reminding you to “finish it out”.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share how you “finish it out” for your attorney-clients.

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