How to Overcome 11 Fixed Viewpoints that Block Legal Nurse Consulting Success

How to Overcome 11 Fixed Viewpoints that Block Legal Nurse Consulting Success

Agility is one of the hallmark characteristics of any successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and one of the strengths I used to build a legal nurse consulting business that was bigger than me.

Working as a sole practitioner from my home office, I hired a part-time bookkeeper, seven of my typist’s children as assistants (not all at once) and other RNs as subcontractors so that I could successfully consult with attorneys on a variety of medical-related cases. I woke every day asking, “How can I leverage the strengths of other people to build this legal nurse consulting business? What can someone else help me with today?” Flexing my own, and others’ agility, I grossed $1 million before leaving my home office and staffing up with employees.

Agility helps us to move past, through and around our fixed viewpoints. The fixed viewpoints that we let get in the way of our success; the fixed viewpoints that can also function as excuses.

Each year for the past six years Stedman Graham and I have met with 60 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who have shared their own fixed viewpoints that are blocking them from achieving the next level of legal nurse consulting success. If any of these apply to you check out these simple tips for overcoming them.

  1. Too busy caring for a parent or child. That’s a tough hurdle and one that requires you to ask for help. My motto is “Nurses can do anything” not “Nurses should do everything.
  2. Can’t move past a personal or family tragedy. Focusing on your legal nurse consulting business is the perfect way to improve your state. Positive experiences make it easier to move on mentally and emotionally.
  3. Not enough attorneys in the area. There are 1,819,134 attorneys in the U.S. and the only person tying you to your geographical area is you. You can market to attorneys anywhere.
  4. Insufficient money to market to attorneys. There are plenty of free ways to market to attorneys. Think networking, social media, referrals and more.
  5. Health issues. We can’t always control the cards we’re dealt, but you can focus on the things within your control, such as diet, exercise and taking action. You’ll find that focusing on an exciting legal nurse consulting business will give you a break from dwelling on health-related matters.
  6. Wants a guarantee of success. I can’t guarantee your success because I can’t even guarantee my own. Avoiding the obvious jokes, the only guarantee any of us has is we can apply our time and effort into going for what we want. The “go for it” attitude is exactly what’s required to achieve legal nurse consulting success.
  7. Lack of support from friends and family. You don’t need anyone else’s support to live your dream. You’re the only person who has to believe in you. How many famous people would be here today if they let their friends and family determine their future? Not many.
  8. Introverted. Introverts are often the best at digging deep to analyze the electronic medical records. You’ll have to talk to attorneys, but I promise that’s no worse than going to the dentist or talking to an MD. 🙂
  9. Fear of rejection. No one loves rejection, but successful people simply have more rejections than everybody else.
  10. Already works a full time job. I’m envious of the 12-hour shifts today that give you four days to get started part time in your legal nurse consulting business. Few professionals outside of nursing have four free days a week to build a business. What are you waiting for?
  11. Prefers a stable RN job at the hospital. No job is stable unless you own your own business. Nurses all over the U.S. share being pushed out of jobs they’ve had for 30 years without a second thought. It’s riskier to work for somebody else than it is to work for yourself. I’d much rather be responsible for me and not have to rely on the kindness of an employer.

Agility is the path to a deeper, richer experience, and agility is the strength that gets you to bigger, more audacious goals. Use your agility to help you overcome any of the fixed viewpoints that are blocking your legal nurse consulting success.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how agility has helped you overcome a fixed viewpoint that was holding you back in your legal nurse consulting business.

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