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Thoughts for Success: If You Want the Muse to Strike, Get to Work

When you’re working on a big project or a big report, there are those moments when you’re “in the zone” and everything is falling into place like magic. The words just flow from your brain into the keyboard.

Thoughts for Success: If You Want the Muse to Strike, Get to Work

We all relish those moments of intense legal nurse consultant productivity, so it’s tempting to sit and wait for the muse to strike and that magical moment to return. After all, why struggle to feel it and have to work five times as hard when you can just wait for the muse to come to you?

NEWS FLASH: You can’t sit at your keyboard, nursing that cup of healthy green tea and waiting for the productive spirit of Ken Follett to take over your keyboard. If you want the muse to strike, sit down and get to work. Otherwise you’ll find yourself procrastinating to the tune of “That toilet really needs cleaning, right now.” All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants have cleaned our share of toilets, refrigerators and anything else that serves as a useful distraction from the task at hand. We’ve probably even yearned for a patient or two to rotate or bathe instead of starting that difficult legal nurse consultant job.

It’s the start that stops most people. When you sit down and get to work, you’re training your brain to respond and inviting the muse in. The more often you sit down and get to work, the more frequently the muse will visit, working like magic right along with you.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you bring on the muse when starting a difficult project or report.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Success: If You Want the Muse to Strike, Get to Work

  1. I always set a self-imposed deadline as assignments come in and typically use a 2 week turnaround time. My clients often express how impressed they are with my expeditious reviews and it gives me some breathing room for “rush for trial” assignments and grandchildren’s requests for me to be somewhere.
    This system has worked well for 12 years and almost 1,500 referrals. Thanks, Vickie!

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