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Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Hippocrates

When it comes to our health, I believe we are what we eat. Now before you get too caught up in this philosophy and start going all vegan or paleo on me, let me explain. Wouldn’t you agree that, with some exceptions, health is directly related to diet and all the medicine in the world can’t and won’t heal a bad diet?

Vickie Milazzo's Favorite Hippocrates Quote

Yes, there are drugs for cholesterol, moods, high blood pressure, stress and just about every pathological condition known to mankind, but there’s no drug for health. These words, “Let food be thy medicine,” long attributed to Hippocrates may never have been uttered or written by him, but I’m still embracing their rich meaning.

Food is our first line of defense against illness and obesity. RNs know this, but often the stress of their RN job gets the best of them in the hospital cafeteria. No CLNC® consultant can be at her peak when battling health issues, so it’s just plain smart to do everything you can to head them off.

We don’t always have total control over our health, but we do have more control than we sometimes want to admit, including how much we exercise and the foods we put into our body. Many research studies have proven that diet trumps exercise for weight loss, so food is indeed the best medicine for health, brain power and ultimately for your legal nurse consulting productivity.

I’m Italian so I fight the food battle constantly. I live to eat and envy those who merely eat to live.

Growing up in an Italian household, holidays and family events all centered around food. Comfort foods like spaghetti and seafood gumbo remind me of holidays at my grandmothers’ with the entire family clamoring for second and third bowlfuls. Other foods transport me back to places and good times – hot baguettes take me instantly to Paris, fresh cannoli carry me to Rome and cupcakes fly me back to my niece’s birthday party. For this Italian girl, food goes beyond mere sustenance. It’s memories, friendship and a reason for living.


Food is medicine not just for our body, but also for our souls. And so long as it’s healthy, most of the time, it’s healthy medicine.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment here and share how using food as medicine supports your legal nurse consulting productivity.

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