My Favorite Gift This Year (To Give and Receive)

This year the best gift I’ve received so far, was one I bought myself. It’s a book called Wheat Belly by cardiologist William Davis and it isn’t technically a diet book, it’s a dietary modification book.

I don’t diet, ever. In fact, my brother-in-law calls me “the eating machine.” I’m Italian and from New Orleans, so eating is part of my culture. I grew up (and survived) eating fried shrimp, fried oysters and fried soft shell crabs, not to mention seafood gumbo, powdered sugar-covered beignets and king cakes at Mardi Gras.

In other words, I love food and I love to eat. But here’s the great part – by simply following the recommendations of Dr. Davis, I made it through Thanksgiving and so far am surviving the holiday season, eating my fill and not gaining a single pound.

Before this starts to sound like one of those fad diets, let me say for the record that Dr. Davis only makes one recommendation (one that’s backed up with a great deal of logic and research): Cut the wheat and processed carbohydrates out of your diet. It’s easier than you think.

Here’s the best part, you never have to diet and you always feel satiated. Let me repeat that – you never have to diet. You simply have to make one simple dietary modification. When you do, you will lose weight, lower your blood pressure, reduce hyperglycemia and generally increase your health and energy. Oh, did I mention it will also reduce that troublesome abdominal fat that Dr. Davis calls your “wheat belly?” You’ll be slipping back into your size 2 jeans before you know it.

I’ve long understood that eliminating processed carbs (without dieting or counting calories) keeps my weight in check. This has been my strategy when I come home from the road to detox from all the pasta and French fries that Tom and my twin brother, Vince force me to eat. But, despite my firsthand knowledge of how effective this strategy is, I was so completely hooked into Wheat Belly that I lost precious sleep one night when I couldn’t put the book down. Wheat Belly reinforced my commitment to an easy lifestyle choice.

Make this book a Christmas gift for yourself. My only warning is that you might want to start reading it on New Year’s Day so that it doesn’t rock your holidays too much.

I’m just sayin’

P.S. Comment here and tell me whether or not you plan on trying the “wheat belly” plan, and when!

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Gift This Year (To Give and Receive)

  1. Vickie, I am going to get this book as I have often heard that “processed carbs” are the cause of much weight gain. I am slowly pursuing my goal of continued weight loss and need to refer to a legitimate source when needed. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 to you and yours!

  2. I grind my own grains into flour and use it fresh, so everything I make (and eat) is truly whole grain. I agree with eliminating processed foods, including carbs, from your diet; however I am a firm believer that whole grains are a vital part of my daily intake.

  3. Thanks Vickie, I just ordered this book on my Kindle. In August I read the book “The 17 Day Diet” by Mike Moreno, MD. It tells you how to eliminate all processed carbs and sugar from your diet and get over your body’s addiction to carbs in 17 days while experiencing weight loss. I have lost 42 pounds since then and am only about 20 more from my goal weight. I no longer crave any sugar or carbs. It really works!!

  4. Vic, I’m so glad you introduced me to this book during our Holiday visit. But your advice to start this plan after the 1st of the year is right on. It’s also giving me time to purge the processed carbs from my kitchen but allowing me to enjoy the “party” circuit. I also noticed that he is coming out with a cookbook. I might give that a try. What is his take on quinoa? It is a grain but also considered a protein. I’ve incorporated it into my food planning by preparing it with chicken stock and adding seasonings such as curry or cumin.
    And Carol, very impressive weight loss!

  5. That is so cool; you read Wheat Belly. I can’t wait to get his cook book! I’m going to attempt eliminating wheat again at the beginning of the year. 🙂

  6. I have ordered the book. I will start as soon as it arrives. Carol congratulations. I anticipate being able to share my success. You both have inspired me! Thanks Vickie; you knew what I needed to get me moving in my CLNC® business, physical change to energize my psychological change.

  7. I purchased this for myself at Christmas also. I am so grateful you have shared with others! This lifestyle modification could change the world! Unfortunately, most people do not want to believe wheat can truly have the impact it does. Best wishes for you this next year as you excel with energy from wheat elimination! Truly grateful for all you do!!

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