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Thoughts for Success: Nothing Deflates Fear Faster Than Action

Fear has a way of owning us, if we let it. But often, fear is nothing more than hot air – something that has no substance. Whether it’s the fear of talking to an attorney as a new Certified Legal Nurse Consultant or the fear of severing a business relationship with an underperforming subcontractor, taking action is the express route to taking back ownership of your conscious intentions and to doing what you know you need to do.

Thoughts for Success: Nothing Deflates Fear Faster Than Action

Thoughts create fear. Actions reveal the truth of you. To take the wind out of fear, simply engage it with action. By the time you’ve stopped moving you’ll be far past what scared you and more than ready for the next challenge. I guarantee it.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you deflate fear in your legal nurse consulting business.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Success: Nothing Deflates Fear Faster Than Action

  1. Fear can be paralyzing, keeping anyone from reaching goals. I remember decades ago as a new nurse I had to overcome fear of making mistakes and just do as I was taught.

    As a CLNC® consultant my fears were phone calls and cold calling (door-to-door). I started out cold calling and glad I did. Six days later I received my first case and that fear vanished quickly. I learned to overcome phone calls just by doing it constantly. It takes a lot of practice.

    I take Vickie and her organization’s wisdom, experience, and education seriously because I am not the first down this road. The notes I took during the first seminar have been valuable to my growing business when I get stuck in knowing what to do. The tips and pitfalls they discussed are something to pay attention to because I have faced odd phone calls.
    I had people who say they had an injury and requested my help. I let them know they need an attorney and explained my business.
    Another call was at 9:00pm on a Friday from a broker who requested my resume for an attorney who was looking for an expert to testify to an affidavit. He told me the story of a resident who was injured in a long-term care facility (that was a tip off). The attorney wanted the affidavit done Monday morning. I quickly found my notes on this tip, and told the broker, “I would do it only if I get to screen the medical records first.” He said he had a list of two other CLNC® consultants and myself who will be presented to the attorney. He said I was best qualified. I never heard from them again. I did not want to get into the pitfall of giving an opinion that was not mine – bad for business!

  2. Thanks, Rosie. Yes, fear can be paralyzing! I pondered your message, self-evaluated and grudgingly put a name to my actions or the lack thereof! That was really helpful! It’s certainly better to be prepared than to be a member of the “wish I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve club!” Thanks again and much success!

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