Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: To Overcome a Fear, Move Toward It

A CLNC® Certification student who has 40 plus years of nursing experience shared, “Vickie, I’m afraid of attorneys. How do I overcome my fear?

Vickie Milazzo’s Thoughts for Success on Overcoming Fear

My response, “The only way to overcome any fear is to move toward it.” It’s the thinking that terrifies us. Our minds are adept at magnifying danger and rejection to a point where it freezes us in place.

Before my office staff and I went skydiving, I was terrified by the very idea of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Thinking about it accomplished nothing more than waking nightmares, and I certainly couldn’t let my staff see how terrified I was making myself. To overcome my fear of skydiving I had to move toward that fear – just step out the door three miles above the Earth and open my parachute (all while screaming like a little girl during the 60-second freefall).

Most fears that block success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant are groundless, but unless you move toward them, they’ll keep you grounded, stuck and afloat in a perpetual state of fear. Like my skydiving instructor said, “When you find yourself thinking ‘no, no, no’ turn that into ‘go, go, go’.”

To overcome any fear, all you have to do is simply move toward it. Go, go, go!

Success Is Yours,

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