Your Next Legal Nurse Consulting Job Could Be Sitting in Your Mailbox

I recently mentored a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who had a case from an attorney sitting in her post office box, but didn’t know it. By the time she got around to checking the mailbox the attorney had moved on to another CLNC® consultant because he hadn’t heard back from her.

A different CLNC consultant shared that an attorney scanned 10 cases to her without warning. While she didn’t have the luxury of planning ahead for such a large legal nurse consulting job, she was all over the project within minutes of receipt.

Whatever your delivery portal, a basic business 101 principle is – monitor those portals regularly. The first CLNC consultant lost not just a legal nurse consulting job, but a potential attorney-client for life. Such a financial loss potentially adds up to thousands of dollars over her legal nurse career. This is a loss most legal nurse consultants can’t afford.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you monitor the delivery portals for your next legal nurse consulting job.

One thought on “Your Next Legal Nurse Consulting Job Could Be Sitting in Your Mailbox

  1. My pocket hurts thinking about missing a case and a new client from not checking the post office box. I live in the country and have a rural box (our boxes have been vandalized) but give my PO Box address for the business. I run to town Tuesday and Friday regularly to check the mail. The beautiful thing is when I get the medical records and a check for my CLNC® consulting services. I have never gotten medical records without my knowledge first, but there is always a first time. That is an exciting thought.

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