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Scoop Up a Headline Case (IVC Filter Cases) for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

There’s nothing like name recognition to get an attorney-prospect’s attention. And I’m not talking about your name, I’m talking about a highly publicized medical malpractice, products liability or criminal case. If you want to scoop up headline cases for your legal nurse consulting business, simply watch and read the news. Tune in to both regional and national news stories. Often the stories will mention the attorneys or law firms handling the cases. Also subscribe to my blog for up-to-date reports on new health-related cases.

For example, inferior vena cava (IVC) filter cases are in news right now because of their high failure rate and because they are fast becoming a hot area of litigation. The adverse events reported by the FDA include IVC filter fracture, perforation of the IVC itself, embolization and device migration that can result in substantial injury. FDA warning letters sent to one of the manufacturers of the filters and to physicians are keeping IVC filter issues in the forefront of the news. With a simple Internet search you can easily locate attorneys handling IVC filter cases as well as research background information on the devices to customize your unique selling position (USP) for attorneys.

You don’t have to devour every word in every news story. A cursory glance at headlines will give you a sense of what’s happening, leaving time to examine more closely those stories that appear most promising. Cultivate the skill of skimming a page for attorney names and medical terms.

When you notice a new, hot area of litigation and identify the attorney involved, immediately contact the attorney and sell your legal nurse consulting services. Dash off a quick letter, email or grab that phone and call.

Never assume the attorney has already hired a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. In 33 years, this story of a CLNC consultant who found an attorney’s name in the news remains one of my favorites:

“I recalled the name of the prominent attorney defending one of the officers in the Rodney King/LAPD federal trial. I figured I only had a snowball’s chance of getting a response from him, but then again, what if I did! I ‘just did it’ and sent him my promotional package. After a horrific day in the emergency department, I picked up the kids and made my 1½-hour drive home. In my mailbox I found a thick manila envelope. I realized I was holding the medical records of Rodney King! I got the case! The King case has been called the most publicized trial in 50 years. The awe of sitting ‘in the well’ with four of the nation’s finest prosecuting attorneys, four highly regarded defense attorneys and four famous defendants will stay with me for years.”

Laurel G., RN, California

Forever after your involvement, and regardless of the verdict, you can emblazon that headline case on your resume. Name recognition is guaranteed to get an attorney’s attention.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share headline cases you’ve gotten the legal nurse consulting scoop on.

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