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Tom’s Tech Tip: We’re a Mobile World – Get a Mobile Email Signature

Nothing annoys me more than getting fan mail from a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, attorney or other professional that ends with “Sent from my iPhone,” “Sent from my Samsung Galaxy” or worse, “Sent from my Blackberry” (While the first two might cause gadget envy, the last one is more likely to create a sense of pity. LOL!).

In a professional world all CLNC® consultants are expected to have professional email signatures. This means not just in email sent from the computers used in your legal nurse consulting job, but from every device you own.

For my CLNC amigos and smart legal nurse consultants, this means going to some trouble to make sure that all your mobile devices (phones and tablets) have the same email signature – but with the copy and paste function it’s easy. Get started by sending yourself an email with a simple text signature that contains a thank you, your name, credentials, title and ways to contact you:

Thank you,
Susan J. Smith, RN, MSN, CLNC
Smith & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants
212.555.1212 Office
212.555.1212 Cell

Then open the email, copy the signature and next go into the email settings on your phone and tablet and paste that over the generic signature put there by the manufacturer. It’s time to advertise yourself, not the product that you’re using. There’s one more reason – email addresses are often the log-ins for iTunes® and Google® Play and you’re giving hackers and other miscreants a potential lead on how to attack your phone and accounts.

Let’s get those mobile signatures fixed today. And while you’re it, read this Tech Tip for creative ways to advertise your legal nurse consulting business (which will increase your legal nurse consulting salary) with a branded email signature.

Keep on Techin’,


P.S. Comment and share when you’ve updated your email signature.



5 thoughts on “Tom’s Tech Tip: We’re a Mobile World – Get a Mobile Email Signature

  1. Good one. Also, website designed for phones. More folks are accessing these days from devices other than their PCs.

  2. Thanks for the tip Tom. I try to keep my emails to law firms on my PC, but the more I am traveling this may help. I have to ask if you have a tip on typing on W-9 forms in Adobe. I have a law firm that asked me to fill out and sign the form and email it. I have never done this before, but willing to learn new things. So I did it, the problem I saw was typing information on the lines is off set? Maybe I am trying to be too perfect?

    1. …then I had to hand sign it, scan and try emailing again. Dag gum, I did not have time to learn how to scan to PC correctly and ended up faxing instead. At least I got the job done!

  3. Tom,
    You talked about making a few different email signatures– is there a way save these? And then how to select the different signatures when signing an email?

    Thank You!
    Christie Paige
    Paige Legal Nurse Consulting

    1. iPhones and the iOS let you set signatures on an account-by-account (account dependent) basis.

      You’d need to check your mobile phone’s email client to see what is possible with other operating systems.

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