How to Become a Part-Time Legal Nurse Consultant

Getting Started Part Time as a Legal Nurse Consultant

If you’re considering a career as a legal nurse consultant, I’m sure you’ve thought, “How would I even get started?” The idea of changing a career is an intimidating one. Add onto that, your commitments, both personal and family, and I can understand how it would be very easy to talk yourself into thinking it just can’t be done. One of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain is “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

A large part of being successful is deciding to go for what you want. As a registered nurse, you’ve already undertaken one of the most stressful and challenging jobs in the world. What is unique about the legal nurse consulting profession is that you are building upon your existing expertise as a registered nurse. You have the foundation – now is the time to add the “getting started” part.

Here are three reasons why Mark Twain’s sage advice of just getting started (part time as a legal nurse consultant) makes sense for you:

  1. It’s Been Done – Think about how daunting it would be to get started as a registered nurse if no one had done it before. Rather scary indeed. That is not the case with legal nurse consulting. Having trained thousands of registered nurses through our CLNC® Certification Program, I can share with you first hand so many stories of RNs who have gone on to amazing success by starting part time. Two great examples of such stories are here and here.
  2. Success Requires Effort – Having a successful legal nurse consulting career is not easy. It takes commitment and hard work. But isn’t that the truth with any fulfilling career? One thing RNs aren’t afraid of is work, and your career will be even more rewarding when you work for yourself. You don’t need to quit your RN job at the hospital to get started. By starting your legal nurse consulting job part time, you can supplement your income while building your CLNC consulting practice.
  3. Mentoring as Long as You Remain CertifiedNone of us get to where we are in life alone. We all need help. Be it advice or another person’s perspective, having a network to lean on helps us build upon our strengths and manage our weaknesses. This is especially true in a legal nurse consulting business. A mentoring network is such a huge part of being successful as a legal nurse consultant. That is also why all of our legal nurse certification programs include mentoring from myself and the most experienced Certified Legal Nurse Consultants in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about mentoring, you can do so here.

Getting started in your legal nurse consulting career part time is one great way to go for it. Put your “Get Started” Post-It® note on your mirror today!

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P.S. Comment and ask any questions you have about getting started part time as a legal nurse consultant.

5 thoughts on “Getting Started Part Time as a Legal Nurse Consultant

  1. I am so glad I made that decision 2.5 years ago. Now my CLNC® consulting business is picking up speed. I have learned a lot since I got started and the CLNC® Mentors have been a great help on this journey.
    I have a story…
    Today I was in a dilemma. My office is in my house which is in the country and I have two dogs (not mean they just jump on people). Friends laugh at us because we have four bedrooms, one is for sleeping and three bedrooms are office rooms. Well, I was put to the test because my attorney-client wanted to come to my small city to meet me for the oral report for a case I am working on. I needed a secure conference room for the meeting. I am wandering in my jeep around town thinking, “What would Vickie do? She would say look at your resources.” The thought came to me, why not ask another attorney-client? So I went by that law firm in my fair city and they are willing to accommodate mine and the other attorney’s need. Both these firms have worked with each other before. Problem solved.

    Given time, my ultimate goal is to have an office in town with full-time staff. It just takes believing in Vickie’s system, yourself, and dreams do come true. Thanks for being that voice in my head Vickie.

      1. Thank you Vickie, I have a little more to add to the story…I met the out of town attorney yesterday at the other law office for my oral report. I got a call today from the attorney’s office where we used their room and they are giving me another case next week. I am beginning to think that brownies must make people happy. Yes, I took two Christmas bags of brownies for both firms. Talk about a dream coming true!

  2. I’m so glad I did! Today I picked up my first set of medical records! I’ve been certified for over 4 yrs but never could get started on my legal nurse consulting business while working full time so I decided to go to part time and “Go for it”! Making up your mind is the first step. Then trusting everything Vickie has taught us and really taking one action step a day and you can do it!

  3. I have several years’ experience in nursing homes as an LPN, and now I’m working with an institutional pharmacy as a nurse consultant. I’ve seen a lot and I know how hard it is to get results from within these corporations. They just don’t care! My question is: Can I use my experience to help these people?

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