Check Out the Photos with Oprah and Stedman at Consultant 2.0

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The Certified Legal Nurse Consultants had an awesome time at the Consultant 2.0 workshop in Chicago. It started with the OMG surprise appearance from Oprah and ended with the transformational day with Stedman Graham.

Check out our photo gallery which captures just some of the fun experiences we had together.

I enjoyed sharing the weekend with all of you. It was just as exciting for me as it was for you. Thanks for helping make it spectacular!


P.S. Comment and share your thoughts and what you took home from Consultant 2.0.

One thought on “Check Out the Photos with Oprah and Stedman at Consultant 2.0

  1. Vickie you are amazing and the Consultant 2.0 event was truly spectacular! You never cease to amaze me at the experiences that you provide us with as CLNC® consultants….once in a lifetime experiences at times!! The meet and great with Oprah and her genuine words from the heart were truly inspirational and touching to the soul of us nurses!! Then the very passionate, directional, inspirational consulting from Stedman fed our souls!! I truly left feeling rejuvenated, refocused, reenergized and with my “identity” in check as a CLNC® consultant! Thanks a million to you and Tom for such a wonderful time and providing us the friendship and mentoring to encourage our souls… daily! God Bless!!

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