Challenge Your Legal Nurse Consulting Goals with These 3 Questions

I wake up every morning with new ideas, ventures and projects for me and my staff. But before I enter into a new venture or project, I ask myself these three questions: “What do I want to come from this venture? Why am I really doing this? How will it benefit me and my clients?” I want to have a clear picture of the goal that I am striving for before I go all in. By clarifying the goal at the beginning, I believe I determine the outcome instead of the outcome being determined by all of the things that happen along the way – those things that distract me from my focus and cause me to settle for less than I really want.

With that fixed goal in mind, it’s easier to stay on target. Everything that presents itself along the way falls into one of two categories – avoid or ignore because it interferes with reaching my goal or use it to assist in reaching that goal.

By creating the mindfulness of the purpose and outcome of a legal nurse consulting goal, you create the ability to focus only on what helps you reach that goal.

Setting a goal of locating 25 qualified attorney-prospects and then marketing your CLNC® business to them with the objective of making appointments is so much stronger than setting a goal of researching the attorney-market in your area. The first gives you the ability to set the second goal of interviewing and going home with a case. The second may prompt you to spend an afternoon surfing the Internet.

Try setting your goals, whether for your legal nurse consulting business or personal, by first determining the outcome. You’ll find yourself accomplishing them with speed.

I’m just sayin’

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