This One Thing…Never Goes Out of Fashion

A CEO of another company just called to thank me for doing business with her. We were on the phone together less than two minutes. She runs one of Houston’s largest woman-owned companies so I know she’s busy. Time invested – two minutes. Payoff – priceless.

Thanks to her, five minutes later I was on the phone saying “thank you” to a different CEO who I’m doing business with. Again, it took less than two minutes of time but was two minutes well invested. Never underestimate the power of a “thank you.” It is one gesture that never goes out of fashion.

The next time you do business with an attorney-client, new or old, remember the power of “thank you.” You never know what kind of referrals those two simple words might lead to.

P.S. Comment and share who you will say “thank you” to today.

One thought on “This One Thing…Never Goes Out of Fashion

  1. Vickie, I have to say THANK YOU to you! You are such a help and inspiration to me and many people I know!!!!

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