If You Feel Invisible – Read This!

I recently mentored a CLNC® student, Joanne, who shared that she was terrified of contacting and interviewing with attorneys. A few probing questions got to the heart of the fear. “I’ve spent 30 years being invisible at the hospital with no one listening to me or respecting what I have to say about patients. Now I’m supposed to walk into an attorney’s office and suddenly feel good about selling myself.”

She joked “And I’m not willing to wear crippling 5-inch heels to get an attorney’s attention.” Plunging necklines and 5-inch heels are not necessary to have a successful legal nurse consulting business, but confidence is. If, like Joanne, you’re feeling devalued in the hospital and your invisibility has ripped your confidence from you, remember the lives you save and all the things you do and witness that would make the average person on the street faint.

Attorneys are not only willing to pay you big bucks (up to $150/hr) for your nursing expertise and opinions, they will actually listen to what you have to say. What do you have to lose when you market to an attorney? Nothing but your invisibility. How’s that for an easy way to get your confidence back?

I’m just sayin’

P.S. Comment here and share how being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has boosted your self-confidence.

6 thoughts on “If You Feel Invisible – Read This!

  1. We all feel this way, I am sure. Especially the plunging neck lines and heels bit. Seems a daunting task to undertake to go and sell myself to someone. I just need a lot more practice doing it.

  2. Oh, I really needed this. It’s terrible to be shy. I guess I need to put on my big girl panties and get out there. LOL!

  3. I “know” it’s not what I “know” but that doggone word “NO”. Thanks for this again – very timely. After being out on L&I for over a year, I am finally able to start contacting attorneys for work and it is terrifying. Thank you as always Vickie for knowing just what we need to hear at the right time!

  4. Thank you Vicke, I think this really hit home base for me. I couldn’t understand what was the fear I was feeling and you nailed it. With some new understanding, I will smash the fear.

  5. So needed this, as I am putting together my promotional packets and getting ready to hit the streets. I keep fighting the fear – why would that attorney want me? Well now I am going to say WHY NOT ME? I have so much to offer and can be one of the most valuable members of their team and with that mentality I will do great. Can’t wait to share my CLNC® Success Story with you Vickie and all my fellow Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.

  6. Here’s my first marketing experience. I was out shopping with my husband when my attorney called to schedule the appointment to do the LLC. I told him that I was near his office at the time, so he squeezed me in between clients. I was wearing jeans and a nice shirt, and of course my CLNC® hoodie. His firm uses a legal nurse consulting group in Philadelphia. I educated him on what I could do for him, and he asked me for my business cards to pass out to his associates. He said, “Maybe I can throw a little business your way.” No 5 inch heels. I just used my knowledge. I completed Vickie’s CLNC® 6-Day Certification Seminar in September.

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