What Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Don’t Do, Ever, and Why

What you don’t do is just as important for your CLNC® success as what you do. I asked the CLNC® Pros to comment what they choose not to do in their CLNC® businesses and why.

“I never complain to my attorney-clients. For example, I frequently receive medical records that are out of order, poor copies and if on a disc every page needs to be rotated. I simply put everything in order, do the review and bill for my time. It’s the same $175/hr that I received for a complex case analysis and in the end that’s okay with me.

I do not do my own typing, report formatting, billing or general office functions. Effective delegation and hiring the right people enable me to concentrate on my case analysis and expanding my CLNC® business.”

Margaret M. Gallagher, RN, MSN, CLNC

“I never ignore objections. I turn them into an opportunity to educate the attorney-client about how my CLNC® services will benefit him.

I never charge rush fees unless rush requests become habitual. If occasionally an attorney-client has a project that he needs done yesterday, I will make it my priority. If the attorney makes this a habit, I then explain that I need more time or will have to charge a rush fee.

I never take the professional relationship with an attorney for granted. Even when an attorney is one of my best clients, I am mindful that I am only as good as my last work product or my last interaction. I am always respectful knowing there are other CLNC® consultants out there that the attorney can use.”

Dorene Goldstein, RNC, CLNC

“I choose not to “nickel and dime” my clients, meaning I don’t bill for a lot of things that I consider small. For example, I don’t typically charge for postage unless I’m asked to send a large quantity of records to an expert and I don’t charge for a quick phone call. It’s not worth my time to keep track of 44 cents worth of postage. My attorney-clients appreciate that I go above and beyond to provide them with great service.

In locating nurse experts, I choose not to use nurses who do not have the CLNC® Certification. I know that the CLNC® expert is already well versed in the litigation process, which saves time and energy. My attorney-client also benefits because of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s expertise.

I do not use subcontractors who are not Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. There is a huge difference between a CLNC® consultant and someone without the CLNC® Certification. One time I used the services of a subcontractor in a case involving a unique specialty. The nurse was well qualified, but I had to spend a lot of time preparing her for things that CLNC® consultants consider common knowledge. The attorney was happy with the expert, but even he commented on the differences he saw between those trained as Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and this nurse, who was not.”

Jane Hurst, RN, CLNC

“I never undersell myself. I set my fee schedule and stick to it. If an attorney thinks he can bargain with me he can try, but my intention is to always show the quality work product I provide. Never undersell yourself as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

I never pretend to know something I don’t. There are definitely areas of nursing and medicine that I know very well, but if a case comes along that is not in my field I rely on a CLNC® subcontractor who can help me develop the case. My attorney-clients appreciate that someone who is experienced on the issues is involved.

I never miss a deadline. The attorney will usually cut his timing very close, so being late with the report is not an option. If you can get it there early without compromising quality, that’s even better.”

Mildred Mannion, RN, BSN, CNOR, CLNC

Thanks to all the CLNC® Pros for sharing things they choose not to do as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share what you choose not to do and why.

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