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Like most women, I’m a sucker for a gift with purchase (GWP) at a makeup counter. I never met a GWP offer I could refuse, so I try to steer clear of the mall when I know they’re being offered. Tom’s been shopping with me so many times that if I forget to ask for my GWP, he’ll often pipe in before we close the transaction with “is there a gift with that?”

Five Ways Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Turn Opposing Attorneys into Clients

Five Ways Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Turn Opposing Attorneys into Clients

In my legal nurse consulting career I’ve met attorneys who I’ve loved and attorneys who I didn’t. But one of the most important lessons I learned came from seeing two attorneys who had just been going after each other in the courtroom like two raging bulls, casually scheduling a golf game and laughing together outside the courthouse at the end of the day.

The Top 5 Signs You Are a High-Maintenance Legal Nurse Consultant

Attorneys like working with professional Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. One aspect of professionalism means an attorney doesn’t have to give you a second thought unless it’s to rave about your medical malpractice case report. No one likes to think they’re high-maintenance, but it pays to look at yourself from someone else’s point of view.

Are You Missing Opportunities and More Profit for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

I always joke that I wake up with a plan and by 9:00am I (or someone else) has busted that plan. I consider my agility to be one of the keys to my legal nurse consulting business success, but that doesn’t mean I’m a crisis worker. Like any successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I can certainly work under stress when I have to, but the goal for all of us should be to avoid stress whenever possible. Stress isn’t the only profitless side-effect of procrastinating.

3 Strategies for Successfully Disagreeing with Your Attorney-Clients

It’s okay to disagree with another person. In fact, at LegalNurse.com I encourage it. Breakthroughs rarely come from consensus. The trick to successfully disagreeing is disagreeing without being disagreeable. Persuasion is an art form that requires diplomacy and being agreeable about the disagreement. The more agreeable and diplomatic you are when trying to persuade others to your side, the more likely they will genuinely listen to your point of view. You won’t be able to hypnotize an attorney-client to your way of thinking about a medical-related issue, so you need to find a more practical and persuasive strategy.

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