To Do or Not To Do? Which List Are You Working On Today?

Most of us like to believe that our day is driven by our to-do lists. We all have one and I’ll admit I have several, some much more ambitious than others (world domination, check!). But if we look closely, we often have to confront the fact that what keeps us from achieving those items on our to-do lists isn’t the complexity of the projects; it’s that we spend more time on what should be on our “to-don’t” list or our “not-to-do” list. I call that majoring in minor things.

Today, make yourself a “to-don’t” list and put on that list everything that distracts you from your big things and anything that can wait. Then, check in with yourself throughout the day to see which list you’re on.

Used properly, “to-don’t” lists can be even more powerful than a “to-do” list.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share what’s on your “to don’t” list.

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