Attorneys’ Preferred Method of Communication with Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

30 years ago, one of my favorite attorney-clients labeled me a communication specialist. Little did I know when I started my legal nurse consulting business how much and how fast communications options and methods would change.

First, there’s the voicemail on our cells, landlines and work phones. Then there’s email and text messages on our phones, email on our computers, direct messages on Twitter and all sorts of posts and messages on Facebook and other social media sites. It’s enough to overwhelm you, if you take the time to be overwhelmed.

Depending on who’s communicating with me, I have my preferred hierarchy of communication. I like to receive texts from some people, email from others and there’s a few I just like to talk to. I’m sure you have your own personal preferences.

Just as attorneys come in all shapes and sizes regarding work product preferences, they also have preferred methods of communication and their preferences may not match yours.

Pay attention. Does your attorney-client email you or text you? Does the attorney respond faster to a voicemail, an email or a text message?

Better yet, rather than try to figure it out by trial and error, ask your attorney-clients what their preferred method of communication is and always default to that preference. This will ensure that you continue to be the communications specialist you are meant to be.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share whether your attorney-clients prefer to communicate via phone, email, text or a little of everything.

One thought on “Attorneys’ Preferred Method of Communication with Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

  1. Good solid PRACTICAL advice. The type of thing that is just useful and so common sense it can be easily overlooked in today’s minutiae.

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