What Did You Do Today?

The desire to succeed in anything – whether it’s losing 10 lbs or growing a CLNC® business – is important to success. After all, every success story begins with a dream, desire or vision. But even more important than the dream is the will to prepare to succeed.

After 30 years of owning my own business, I sometimes think back to how easy visualizing legal nurse consulting was in contrast to executing on my idea, day after day.

The vision truly is the easy part for most of us. That’s often where the fun is – dreaming the dream and fleshing out the vision in your mind. Then come the late nights, early mornings and working weekends, getting your hands dirty with the details. That’s when the casually engaged fall slack while the tenaciously persistent grab the prize and run.

The will to prepare is what commits you to go for legal nurse consulting all the way and to engage the myriad actions necessary to succeed – especially on those days you’re just not that into it.

If you’re reading this blog, I already know that you have a strong desire to succeed in your CLNC® business even more than you already have.

The question I have for you is what did you do today to prepare for your next level of CLNC® success? I’m just asking…

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment here and share what you’ve done today.

3 thoughts on “What Did You Do Today?

  1. Thought of all the work I have ahead of me and planned in my head how and when I am going to set to work without distractions. Everybody wants “mom” me, to cook. So cooking and cleaning take up alot of my time. Today, is the first day I woke up from some real sleep after taking the Vegas seminar test and apprenticeship. I looked at my email, not expecting to know if I passed or not, and low and behold, I did it! In fact, I still cannot believe I have read Vickie’s book Wicked Success front to back, the Core Curriculum, all chapters, watched 22 DVDs, read the success book of other nurse consultants, and finished the 2 day Workshop in Vegas. I did it all. I still can’t believe it. So, today I am in awe of myself and maybe tomorrow I will be too. Vickie, you must have some magical powers because you empowered me to do so much, and now I know I can do so much more. Thanks so much for what ever it is you have sparked inside me. Today, besides cleaning out a refrigerator of scary moldy stuff, cleaning a floor covered in jelly, and looking at someone’s dirty toilet and room, I got to look at so much I accomplished and am so proud of myself and the lovely photo that Tom took of Vickie and me. Hopefully, I will be a success story and get the confidence to share it with everybody. Thanks again Vickie and also a special thanks to Carol, Tamara, Jean, Carrie, Elvis and Vince. Everyone was so nice.

  2. Well, after a year of dreaming about it, I have finally actually committed to going to a seminar…Philly…here I come. My books arrived last night, and although it was too late to open them and actually read anything that would stick in my head; open them I did. I am excited;slightly intimidated, which is usually a good thing for me, but so excited! I wish I were ready to go tomorrow! Or better yet…Today! I hope this energy carries me through a while, because from what I hear and see, that week is intense, and also intensely energizing! I so want this! I am so going to HAVE it! I can not wait to meet you in person Vickie, and you too Tom, and of course the rest of your team and all of my class mates!!!

  3. LeeAnn, your upbeat attitude is inspiring and will serve you well in launching your new CLNC® business. With such a positive outlook I have no doubt you will achieve success. I look forward to meeting you in Philadelphia. Success Is Yours!

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