Are You Delivering Tiffany-Quality Service to Your Attorney-Clients?

The other day Tom and I went to purchase a new mattress. We thought it was time for a change and that a rainy afternoon was a good time to start looking. We’d already done our homework so we knew what we wanted. The first store we went into, the sole salesperson reluctantly left his seat at the counter only after we struggled in from the rain, shook off and folded our umbrellas. It was still two hours before closing according to the sign on the door, so I wondered if he figured we weren’t serious shoppers, although who else would be out in a hard rain? He answered our questions, let us roam about the store unattended and didn’t really try to sell us anything.

We left and drove about three blocks to the next store. Even before we had the umbrellas wrapped up a young salesperson named Tiffany walked up and introduced herself. She asked what we were looking for and patiently heard us out. After helping us with the mattress set, she inquired about other products we might be interested in as well as any concerns we might have. She complimented us on our choice, told us why it was different from similar sets and spent a lot of time with us without exerting any pressure tactics.

She was so good that before we left the store, we’d not only laid on almost every mattress they had, we’d also tried out all their recliners and added one of those to our growing list. I had to draw the line when I heard her telling Tom that they made a matching cup and snack holder for the recliner. When we made our final purchase she checked the store’s inventory and told us that while the recliner could be delivered the next day it would be a week before she could arrange delivery of the mattress set. She offered to send over the floor model along with a complimentary set of sheets to let us sleep on it as a test until ours could be delivered. We walked out of the store the proud new owners of not only a mattress but also a new recliner, a reading lamp and some other accessories, a not inconsiderable sale for a rainy afternoon.

On our scheduled delivery date, Tiffany arrived at our house just after the delivery truck. She supervised the load-in and helped set up everything. After the delivery crew left Tiffany stayed to orient us to everything and to go over our invoice to show us what had been delivered and what was still outstanding. The next day she called to see how we’d slept and if we had any questions or needed any adjustments. She also updated us on the delivery date for our mattress.

I was struck not just by how good her service was, but by how far she went above what I would have considered normal or even great customer service. How often do you walk into a store and have to struggle to capture the attention of a salesperson or even pry them off their cell phone to work with you? Here was a woman who not only took charge of the sale from the minute we walked in the store, but did everything she could to make our experience a memorable one.

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, do you do the same for your attorney-clients and prospects?

  • Do you offer a seamless experience from the time you meet them, up to and after you deliver your work product?
  • Do you offer additional CLNC® services that will benefit the case?
  • Do you assess whether you can provide something more (such as articles on the topic) to the attorney right away, and before you deliver your final work product?
  • Have you followed up to see if the attorney-client has all the information that she needs and to answer any questions she has after reading your legal nurse consulting work product?

Next time you find yourself working with an attorney-client or -prospect, ask yourself whether or not you’re delivering “Tiffany-quality” service.

P.S. Comment and share your own “Tiffany” experiences and services.

P.P.S Yes, her name really is Tiffany!

One thought on “Are You Delivering Tiffany-Quality Service to Your Attorney-Clients?

  1. I had an experience where I was “Tiffany” and I didn’t know it at the time. Recently while at work, I admitted a new patient who said, “Oh, I know you!” I looked at her in surprise because I had no recollection of having met her anywhere.

    She told me that she had been a patient last year unrelated to her present diagnosis. At that time I had not been her admitting nurse but I was charge nurse on the following shift. When it was bedtime, she said that she had been discouraged because her chronic illness had become so debilitating. That night was especially difficult for her and nothing had been ordered for sleep or anxiety. It seems so many times our initial answer for a problem is a pill.

    In this case according to her, I sat next to her bed and explained more about how a rehab unit functioned and what her therapy course would entail. Then she told me that I brought her a cup of hot tea and cookies cradled in a napkin carefully placing them on her bedside table.

    As I was still trying to remember her face from before, she thanked me for being so tender hearted and that the presence of that hot cup of tea and cookies watching the little trail of steam from the tea drift upwards and finally reaching her nostrils was very calming for her.

    It wasn’t until later in the shift that I remembered her and taking her that cup of tea. My main motivation at the time was so that I could document non-pharmaceutical interventions before requesting a hynotic or anxiolytic from the doctor.

    Contrary to what we are taught as nurses, at the time I really didn’t expect that cup of tea to do anything to the extent that it did. Customer service in any backdrop makes a difference. Even Vickie the master of unrivalled customer service responds by opening her wallet to excellent customer service as described in the blog.

    I also recently had an attorney contact me for testifying expert location. This attorney had thirteen marketing mailers sent to him from me. He finally had a need for my services and remembered me. Unlike the “Tiffany” who took my patient a cup of tea unaware of its full effects, this “Tiffany” knows that future business depends on excellent customer service and its impact. Thank you, Vickie and Tom for buying a new mattress and sharing the real Tiffany’s unrivalled customer service.

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