Like most women, I’m a sucker for a gift with purchase (GWP) at a makeup counter. I never met a GWP offer I could refuse, so I try to steer clear of the mall when I know they’re being offered. Tom’s been shopping with me so many times that if I forget to ask for my GWP, he’ll often pipe in before we close the transaction with “is there a gift with that?”

I have a great sales rep, Lisa, who I’ve known for a long time. Once, she tried to sell me a new product which I refused. To my surprise, when I got home that very product was in my bag! That’s right, the actual product, not the small sample of it. She’d even tucked in a note telling me she was sure I would love it. I had no choice but to experience it and now I’m a believer. That free gift turned out not to be free at all because I love this product so much I’ll probably be buying it for the rest of my life or its life.

This same marketing strategy works for your legal nurse consulting business too. You should be educating your attorney-clients about every one of the 32 CLNC® services you offer. If they’re stuck on using the same 3-5 CLNC® services, gift them, and I don’t just mean a small sample. Go ahead and do that whole set of requests for production, (not just 5 examples of what you are able to do). Remember not to bill them for it, but remember the small note that reminds them that this time it’s a gift. And this is a gift that should bring you a huge return. If you do it well, the attorney will be hooked and expecting it (for your regular fee of course) on the next case and every case thereafter.

I am certain that if Lisa had never given me the product, I would never have tried it. She is smart enough to know that sometimes even a sample is not good enough. I had to fully experience the product to fully appreciate it. One of those tiny two-use samples wouldn’t have converted me like having the full-blown experience.

If you believe strongly in what you have to offer, you’ll find a way to get a CLNC® GWP into the hands of your attorney-clients. Create and deliver your CLNC® GWP today. Warning – if your attorney-clients like it too much, you may not have time for your own shopping anymore.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share your favorite marketing strategies or fun GWP stories.

3 thoughts on “A CLNC® GWP

  1. A new attorney I was trying to establish a relationship with was reluctant to to try my services. I offered him a deal that he couldn’t refuse.

    In return for doing a personal injury case for him, all I asked for was referrals to other attorneys. He agreed and I gave it my all and presented him with a complete review of his case with it’s strengths and weaknesses as well as a chronology.

    I not only got the referrals but he also handed me one of his own personal injury cases that spanned 10 years. Gulp!! I completed the case to his satisfaction with a few extras thrown in. He loved it and is now considering giving me another.

  2. Congratulations Louise! For one attorney I summarized the first 40 pages of a deposition as a professional courtesy knowing that he would want me to summarize the rest so I went ahead and summarized the whole deposition.

    He never did ask me to finish summarizing it but he hired me to formulate deposition questions for a physician, prepare a statement of the case which was simplified by having that key deposition summarized and locate a testifying expert. This was a great case and a tough attorney.

  3. I have been playing my marketing strategy “safe” and decided it was time to kick things into high gear in 2010. I went out with new marketing materials that feature any NEW attorney-client the first review FREE (with a generous limit on the amount of time I spend), and on my first day out, got a case from an attorney I have been wanting to work with for a year! He told me he doesn’t think the case has enough to pursue, but said if he gets a recovery, I will still get paid – even though I was offering to do it free. After my first review of this case, I found an issue so obvious to me – that he did not catch. This approach has also given me a confidence because they have nothing to lose by trying me out!

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