How One Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Almost Lost a Valuable Attorney-Client

One of our CLNC® pros, Suzanne Arragg, shares how losing sight of her business plan almost cost her a valuable attorney-client and what she did to come back even stronger.

“A couple of years ago a law firm I had worked with for three years noticeably stopped sending new cases to me and emails I sent on existing cases went unanswered. My relationship with the paralegal paid off. She called me to let me know that the partners were shopping for another nurse consultant. She told me she was advocating for me and had expressed her concern to the attorneys that she felt it was unfair they hadn’t let me know. I thanked her for her phone call and as I hung up, my head started to spin.

This was a reality check. Too often, we become comfortable with the daily routine of business and forget the importance of spending time each day on our business plan and marketing. Even if it is only 10-15 minutes, we should never lose sight of its importance.

Once my head stopped whirling and my thoughts became more organized, I began to refocus on my CLNC® business practices and market more. Within a couple of months, new cases began to arrive and I picked up new attorney-clients. But more importantly, I did not lose sight of the value of my existing attorney-clients. I continued to call the partners and express my commitment to servicing their law firm. Guess what? They called to set up a meeting to discuss moving forward. Since that time, our relationship is stronger than ever. In fact, at their request I have expanded my CLNC ® services to meet their litigation needs.

In hindsight, I think their shopping experience was healthy not only for them, but for me as well. They quickly realized the communication and work product of others did not compare to mine. I learned that taking the time to build strong relationships with attorney-clients and their staff has value beyond the dollar and that losing sight of my business plan was a prescription for potential failure.”

Suzanne E. Arragg, RN, BSN, CDONA/LTC, CLNC

Success Is Inside!

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