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Tom’s Tech Tip: Travel Tips for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

The Spring seminar season is upon us and many CLNC® students will be traveling to attend the Live CLNC Certification Seminars in Chicago, Fairfax or Atlanta as well as the Consultant 2.0 event with Stedman Graham in Fairfax. I’ve passed on some travel tips in the past, such as traveling with a mini-power strip to allow you to charge multiple devices and various iPhone chargers that allow you to charge up to 4 iDevices.

But the most important thing we need to recharge is ourselves. Wherever you are, one of your primary concerns should be getting the right amount of sleep. One thing I’ve learned during my years of traveling is that hotel rooms can be less than accommodating for sleep. That sounds funny but every hotel room I’ve been in, whether Thimphu, Jaipur, Poughkeepsie or Marfa, has had a plethora of lights that disrupt the ability to achieve the total darkness necessary for a great night’s sleep.

There are smoke detectors, TV power lights, night lights, blue, green and red lights, blinking router lights behind the TV, telephone lights, light leaking through the curtains, under the door and you name it. The combination creates a psychedelic experience. You turn off the lights, leap into bed and, once your eyes adjust to the darkness, you realize it’s really not that dark.

One thing I’ve learned to travel with to defeat, or at least darken, those sleep-disrupters is a small travel-sized roll of duct tape. That sounds a little OCD but it allows me to put a ½” strip of tape over any light that’s interrupting my sleep. Believe me you’ll find all sorts of lights to stifle.

Another thing I keep handy in my dopp kit are a couple of black 1 ½” paper/binder clamps. I use these to hold the hotel curtains together to keep out the light that leaks through that middle seam where those curtains never really close. They’re light and extremely useful. Grab a couple, stick them in a baggie and throw it into your suitcase – that way you’ll never be without them.

All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants can use these travel tips in their legal nurse consulting business. I’m sure you’ll feel recharged and ready for that next legal nurse consulting job – wherever it takes you!

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P.S. Comment and share your favorite travel tip or accessories.

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  1. I’m packed and ready to go to speak at the Chicago CLNC® Certification Seminar with all my tools to help me sleep (my lavender essential oil, ear plugs and now tape and small clamps)! Thanks Tom for all of your tips.

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