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Tom’s Tech Tip: Health Check Time for Legal Nurse Consultants

If you’ve purchased a new computer for your legal nurse consulting business in the last two years there’s a good chance you have an SSD (solid state drive) drive instead of a traditional spinning hard drive.

Is there a difference? Yes! SSDs are faster and more durable (especially if you drop your laptop) than traditional hard drives and don’t use as much power. But, and it’s a really BIG BUT, when SSDs fail, they fail quickly and without warning. A hard drive will give you some warning signs, such as making ticking or other strange sounds. Whereas an SSD will just go dark and, if you don’t have proper backups, take all of the information related to your legal nurse consulting business with it.

I love the SSD in my laptop, but to keep tabs on it I’ve downloaded a free program called CrystalDiskInfo to my desktop. It allows me to immediately check the health of my SSD. When I start to approach the end of its lifetime I’ll replace the SSD – but until then CrystalDiskInfo gives me some comfort that my computer and SSD will be there when I need them. If you have a good old-fashioned spinning hard drive, CrystalDiskInfo will work on that too.

I heartily recommend that any Certified Legal Nurse Consultant download CrystalDiskInfo and run the health check on their legal nurse consulting computer on a regular basis. Just like it’s better to seek forgiveness than permission, it’s always better to be safe than sorry (especially in your CLNC® business).

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P.S. Comment and share whether you purchased an SSD for your business’s computer and why or why not.

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