Don't Make Locating Testifying Experts an Afterthought in Your LNC Business

Don’t Make Locating Testifying Experts an Afterthought in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Close your eyes and imagine it’s 1983. The popular movie was Flashdance and you bought your spouse Tom Cruise’s boxer shorts, white socks and sunglasses from Risky Business, but somehow he didn’t look the same. When you weren’t watching The A-Team on TV, the Eurythmics’ song Sweet Dreams are Made of This ran through your head while dipping your french fries in ranch dressing.

Now, imagine me sitting in an attorney’s office in a grey and white suit seriously collaborating on a medical malpractice case that’s about to go to trial. He casually mentions that he just paid a physician $1,000 to locate an MD expert for a different case I’d recently consulted on. I had to squash the utter shock that wanted to wash over my face. For more than a year, I’d been locating experts for this attorney for free. I sat there and quietly sulked over the thousands of dollars I’d lost forever.

I’d never felt comfortable charging for locating testifying experts because it often only took me minutes to find them. Today’s CLNC® consultants are much more savvy than I was in 1983 because I train them to appreciate that a legal nurse consulting business is not a hobby and that locating testifying experts is a billable service, not a courtesy. Experts are precious assets. A CLNC consultant can charge $500 to $1,000 per nursing and medical expert that the attorney agrees to use.

Don’t make locating testifying experts an afterthought. This CLNC service is a vital and profitable part of your legal nurse consulting business. As CLNC consultants, you are each other’s resources. Share experts and share your location fees (40-50%). The more experts you have in your back pocket, the more profitable your CLNC business will be.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and ask your CLNC peers for the nursing and medical experts you need for your legal nurse consulting jobs.

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