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Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Tatum Thatcher

Children have such a beautiful way of looking at the world. My 8-year-old niece, Reese, wakes up every morning fully expecting to have the time of her life. She handles everything that comes her way with alacrity – even when she doesn’t get the ice cream or Hatchimal she wants.

Vickie Milazzo’s Favorite Thatcher Quote About Being Ready to Have the Time of Your Life

You and I are no longer eight, and somewhere along our journey to adulthood we may have lost that childhood optimism. If you find yourself disliking your nursing career, or dealing with a health or family issue, you might also notice you’re increasingly waking up to just another day that’s not much different from the day before (and the day before that).

Tatum Thatcher’s quote, “Always be ready to have the time of your life” is one of my all-time favorite quotes because it simply and succinctly reminds us of the ability to change our day (and ultimately our life) by changing our expectations and perceptions.

Be an 8-year-old again! Always be ready to have the time of your life and, more often than not, you will.

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P.S. Comment here and share how you stay ready to have the time of your life.

4 thoughts on “Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Tatum Thatcher

  1. This blog reminds me of one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”

  2. I plan on being able to enjoy life and really participate in life again after I start my CLNC® business and be to the point where I don’t have to keep living paycheck to paycheck and dreading my Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 hour (and sometimes 13 or 14 hour!) shifts every week! I am working hard now to finish the CLNC® Certification Program and be ready for my exam. I know there will be more hard work ahead to get started and be successful, but I am looking forward to it, just like I look forward to doing my modules every week! I feel like I am taking my life back, and it feels wonderful!

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