How to Prequalify Attorney-Prospects for Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

How to Prequalify Attorney-Prospects for Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

When you’re marketing to attorney-prospects for legal nurse consultant jobs an important principle is to prequalify them. You want to ensure that you’re putting time, money and effort into attorneys who will be interested in what you have to offer as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

For example, a general business attorney probably doesn’t handle personal injury or medical malpractice cases, so she might not be the most qualified attorney. There is, however, a flip side to the principle of prequalifying prospects. You want to avoid making assumptions that cause you to lose legal nurse consultant job opportunities. It’s essential to probe, ask questions and get to know an attorney before you conclude she’s not a good candidate or connection. Even a general business attorney probably knows a personal injury or medical malpractice attorney.

One of my favorite qualifying stories involves me and four car salesmen. The last time I looked at new cars there were at least three new car salesmen hanging out at their desks, waiting for a hot prospect to wander into the dealership with a purse full of cash. Picture me cruising the lot in shorts, a faded Prince Purple Rain concert t-shirt and flip-flops. Not one of those new car salesmen left the comfort of their air-conditioned cubicles to approach me. I’m sure they took one look my way and assumed I wasn’t a qualified buyer (LOL).

I had stopped to admire one particular model and, while stroking the fine leather steering wheel and busily adjusting the 17 different Recaro Profi SPG driver’s seat comfort controls, I heard someone calling out to me. Before I could pry myself out of the car, one of the used car salesmen (who came over from the other side of the lot) was dangling the keys at me, offering a test drive. I politely refused, saying I wasn’t going to buy a car and didn’t want to waste his time. Not to be deterred (he was a car salesman after all), he promptly slid into the passenger seat and, faster than Richard Petty leaving a NASCAR pit stop, I was flying down the Southwest Freeway with the sunroof open and the music cranked up.

That evening I bought that car, not from a new car salesman but from the used car salesman. Later, I had a good laugh thinking that when the three idle new car salesmen saw me completing the required paperwork they were contemplating “How did I miss that sale?

We all have biases and make assumptions about people, but the assumptions we make can get in the way of obtaining legal nurse consultant jobs. When we’re exhibiting with the VIP Pros at national legal conferences, I tell them they can’t possibly know which attorney walking past the booth is going to be the most important attorney of the day.

Whether you’re exhibiting or networking at a social event, take the time to prequalify attorneys properly. Digging deep to learn whether an attorney is worth your time, effort and resources will pay off in the form of more legal nurse consultant jobs and new attorney-clients.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you prequalify attorney-prospects for legal nurse consultant jobs.

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