Did You Miss a Legal Nurse Consultant Job Opportunity Because of First Impressions?

Did You Miss a Legal Nurse Consultant Job Opportunity Because of First Impressions?

One of my preferred attorney-clients referred me to his partner, Jim, a guy who lacked any bedside manner whatsoever (he could have given lessons to neurosurgeons) and who, on first impression, could be as intimidating as a late-stage brain cancer diagnosis.

Had I not known and liked his partner, I might have crossed a crowded freeway blindfolded and on foot to avoid any opportunity of working legal nurse consultant jobs with Jim.

Over time, like a toenail fungal infection, Jim grew on me and eventually became one of my favorite attorneys. I came to respect his brilliance and passion for representing his clients. Before long I was accepting of his poor bedside manner and wasn’t the least intimidated in his presence (well maybe a little). He’s one of the best attorneys in Texas and while I like to think I made him a better attorney, he definitely made me a better consultant by challenging me on the legal nurse consultant jobs I’ve worked on with him.

Whether you’re exhibiting at a legal conference or meeting an attorney at a networking event, be careful of first impressions. It’s easy to reach erroneous conclusions about a person. If you’re dating, I get that first impressions are hard to overcome – but this is business, not a marriage proposal. Attorneys come in all shapes and sizes with different personalities and once you get to know them, you’ll find they’re just like you and me (well almost 🙂 ).

Never casually judge an attorney on first glance. He could turn out to be the most important attorney you’ll meet in the life of your legal nurse consulting business.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share the worst first impression you’ve ever overcome.

One thought on “Did You Miss a Legal Nurse Consultant Job Opportunity Because of First Impressions?

  1. I love this post. It’s good food for thought for me. I get along well with most everyone, but I feel connections with people when I meet them, and more often than not, build from there. As a result of this post however, I will be much more cognizant of what I feel when I meet a new attorney-prospect and give everyone the benefit of the doubt if the first impression isn’t a great one.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Vickie 🙂

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