Words for Each Day are for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Too!

While adding images to my computer’s screen saver, I found this photograph I’d taken in Japan.

This photo, like so many in my screen saver brought back wonderful memories of biking in Japan, not to mention getting whacked by a Buddhist monk while meditating at a temple in Kyoto. As I read the “Words for Each Day,” by Soen Ozeki of the Daisen-in Temple, I immediately knew I had to share his Words with all of you. Here they are:

Each Day In Life is Training

Training For Myself

Though Failure is Possible

Living Each Moment

Equal to Anything

Ready for Everything

I am Alive – I am This Moment

My Future Is Here and Now

For if I Cannot Endure Today

When and Where Will I?

(Words for Each Day) Soen Ozeki

Great words for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and for life. Enjoy the training!

P.S. Comment and share how you live Ozeki’s “Words for Each Day.”

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