The Carrot or the Stick? You Decide

Have you ever known a person who dangles a carrot in return for something significant but never puts out anything valuable themselves? When I was a less sophisticated legal nurse consulting business owner I often gave much more than I received in my business relationships. Then one day I decided I wasn’t willing to settle for the stick. I started measuring payoff in every business relationship and not surprisingly my legal nurse consulting business soared. When we say yes to one thing, we are saying no to something else. That’s why assessing payoff is so important.

Are You Living a Life of Meaning, or Just Meaning to?

I tend to resist reading books about dying people. I’m also a sucker for bestsellers and that’s the reason the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albon sat in my library for years. I just recently pulled it down and was soon entranced by Mitch’s story about the time he spent with one of his college professors, Morrie Schwartz, who was dying from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). I found the life lessons Morrie passed onto Mitch humorous, touching and many to be downright thought-provoking. In his last days, this dying man was more alive than most of us will ever be.

Shocking or Stupid? You Decide

I recently met an RN who wanted to subcontract with me as a legal nurse consultant. Like I do with all subs, I put her to the test and gave her a very specific assignment due in one week. I’m assessing whether this legal nurse consultant has what it takes to follow through and to follow the simplest of requests. Will she be there when needed, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend? Does this person come through under pressure or not (not that I define a week as a high pressure deadline)? Are they more yack than sack?

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Share Your Files – Securely!

Nurses have a love/hate relationship with HIPAA. It’s one of the strongest federal privacy protections and exists before we’re born and lasts well after we’re dead. Plaintiff attorneys and the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants working with those same plaintiff attorneys don’t tend to worry about the HIPAA hippo too much. Why? Because they’ve got the plaintiff’s, or potential plaintiff’s, permission to share and transmit the plaintiff’s medical records between themselves. Defense CLNC® consultants are probably working as a “business associate” of the defense firm so they’re safe too. IF you’re concerned you can read this.

A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Reveals Her Most Successful Strategy

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is unique and every CLNC® business is different. But one thing all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants share is a favored marketing strategy – networking. Not every CLNC consultant exhibits or speaks at legal conferences, but every legal nurse consultant networks.

From Fear to Mount Everest – Learn to Face Attorneys Like a Mountaineer

Fear is not real. If fear was real, we’d all have the same precise fear response to the same stimuli. Instead, we create our own individual fears and our own individual responses. Remember how you used to be afraid of doctors and now you know what a real joke that unreal response was?

Rude MDs Set Themselves Up for Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants will want to read this new study from Johns Hopkins University. This study tellingly proves that new doctors have poor doctor/patient etiquette. I’ve already blogged about how little time doctors spend with patients. But the problem with the physician/patient relationship is even worse than I imagined.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – the Check is in the Email – Really!

Many of my CLNC amigos are familiar with mobile banking. Some Certified Legal Nurse Consultants pay their bills from home using their smartphones or home computers. If you’re a truly savvy CLNC consultant you may already be using a mobile banking app like this one from Chase to deposit checks into your account without going to the bank. If you’re not, it’s time to get on the bandwagon and get back to the future.

How One Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Got Rid of a Serious Case of Bagel Brain

A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant recently shared that she cut back on processed carbs to lose weight and was pleasantly surprised to find how much sharper her mind was. Suddenly that complex medical malpractice case wasn’t so complex after all. Her memory and recall for the facts in a large volume of cases are heightened. And best of all, she no longer has afternoon slumps. Oh yes – the money she’s saving on Einstein’s bagels and Jimmy John’s sandwiches are putting some extra cash in her pocket too.

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