Three Words for Today: Get to Work!

You know that thing you have always wanted to do? I confess I am often perplexed by a person who can never for the life of them achieve a goal they’ve set for themselves. They set the goal, they want the benefits of achieving that goal and then that’s the end of it.

For example, a nurse wants to start a legal nurse consulting business to earn more money and have more free time for family. Great goal, but then the reality check: reaching that goal is going to require work, like working before it’s time to report to that full-time job at the hospital, plus working again after getting home from that hospital job and, oh yeah, working on that coveted weekend off. And did I mention work?

I spend a lot of time with nurses all over the U.S. Some of them have a difficult time relating to my success until I remind them I started out just like they are going to have to – with a full-time job at the hospital. Plus, I had to work overtime just to pay my mortgage. To launch my legal nurse consulting business, I was going to have to work. That was okay. After all, nurses aren’t afraid to work. When this mouthy, opinionated, Italian girl faced the choice of working really hard for the rest of my life at a dead-end job, or to get to work on me, you know what I chose.

If you want to succeed as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, today I only have three words of advice: Get to work!!!

Success Is Inside!

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2 thoughts on “Three Words for Today: Get to Work!

  1. Today was remarkable!! I exhibited at my first med mal attorney conference. I learned so much, met some wonderful people and can’t wait for the next one! Thanks, Vickie and all the CLNC® Mentors at LegalNurse.com for inspiring those daily action steps that are building my road to success as a future legendary Certified Legal Nurse Consultant!

  2. Cheryl, congratulations for going for what you want. When I started my business I was exactly where you are – working a full-time job plus overtime just to pay my mortgage on an 1100 sq ft condominium. I know how exhausting those 12 hour shifts can be, but the upside is you have 3 and sometimes 4 days a week to study the CLNC® Certification Program and to build your CLNC® business. Stay focused on why you are doing this and soon you will be sharing your CLNC® Success Story with all of us.
    Success Is Yours!

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