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This weekend I am privileged to be presenting the Women Embracing Leadership events with Stedman Graham. I confess that when I was a young nurse, “leadership” was a word that didn’t get my juices going. It was too traditional and boring for this renegade nurse who didn’t fit in an institutional hospital environment.

Since then, I have learned that leadership is one of the most provocative and exciting words in the dictionary because it applies to how we show up in every situation every second of the day. For some of us, leadership does involve managing others and being in charge of a situation, but leadership first and foremost is about leading ourselves.

Success or failure is the result of thousands of decisions, actions and reactions. Almost every time I mentor a student who is struggling, that student has failed to be a leader in one or more of those decisions, actions and reactions.

Our leadership is tested and challenged not only when things go our way, but also when they don’t. Commit to lead yourself in the most consistent and congruent way each and every day. When you do, you open yourself up to opportunities beyond your imagination.

Lead yourself and CLNC® success will be yours.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share how you will lead yourself to even more CLNC® success.

One thought on “Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Time to Lead Yourself to Success

  1. Vickie, the workshop was so powerful!! Thank you and Stedman for such an honest and sharing time. I came home fired up–but with so much more focus. My husband is getting used to my fierce energy–he just says “show me the money.” In due time! First, the plan and action. Thanks again and I hope you plan future workshops.

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