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CLNC® Success Story: Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s Attorney-Client Proclaims That She Is “The Brains of the Team!”

Last week my attorney-client invited me to meet a potential plaintiff at the office of a referring attorney. He needed to catch a flight immediately after this meeting, so we were on a tight schedule. I offered to drive us to the meeting and take him to the airport afterwards, giving me an opportunity to have his undivided attention for a period of time.

This particular attorney-client was my “break-in” client, and the one for whom I still do more than 90% of my work. He has been a very successful attorney in a prominent plaintiff firm for about 20 years, winning big awards for his clients. However, I was growing frustrated with what I felt was his tunnel vision when it came to damages in his cases. I wasn’t sure he was really reading my reports or just picking out what he wanted to see.

As a result, I believed he was missing an opportunity for bigger awards for his clients. During the ride I honestly discussed this, using medical issues from his cases on which I am presently working. He was “blown away” with some of the issues I presented, to which I responded, “Did you not read my report?” At the meeting with the potential plaintiff and referring attorney, my attorney-client introduced me as his nurse expert and “the brains of the team!”

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Annmarie Johnson, RN, BSN, CLNC owns and operates Bucks Medical-Legal Consulting. She has been a nurse for 26 years, 24 specializing in critical care. Annmarie’s CLNC® business specializes in construction accidents and products liability.
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4 thoughts on “CLNC® Success Story: Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s Attorney-Client Proclaims That She Is “The Brains of the Team!”

  1. Sometimes it takes a sharp jab of reality to get folks to see the whole truth. You go girl!

  2. Annmarie,
    Fabulous! It encourages me to hear the success stories of others! Continue Onward!

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