It’s Not How Hard You Work as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant – It’s Your Form That Matters

This morning I was at the gym working out with my trainer Jerome. A woman ten years older than I am works out at the same gym and literally throws herself into her routine with an intensity that would put women half her age to shame. She determinedly works out with a serious-looking routine of core exercises built around a stability ball, a floor mat and lots of dumbbells. She’s disciplined, dedicated and hard-working but she’s not getting any discernable results. Why? Because her form is off. She flails around like a fish out of water, moving her arms and legs in a manner that’s almost spastic and looks like she’s just been hit by a Taser®. When she’s working out, we all give her a wide berth because we never know in which direction she’ll suddenly lurch or move.

Jerome is almost a form-fascist. Fortunately he never saw my form when I was working out with my previous trainer – he might have rejected me outright. When I move a weight, no matter how heavy or light, he chants a mantra of “shoulder blades, abs, glutes, adductors” or whatever muscles or body parts I’m supposed to be engaging for stabilization, strength and form. He constantly teaches me how to exercise my muscles correctly. Jerome’s philosophy is that the workout is not how much weight I’m moving or how fast I’m moving it – it’s about doing it with correct form.

You can apply these same principles to your legal nurse consulting business. We all know someone who works hard or long hours but doesn’t seem to accomplish much. Working hard or long are not always predictors of the quality or quantity of your output. Correct form reaps astonishing productivity.

To achieve the form that will provide the results you want, you must practice good work habits. The old saying about working smarter not harder was never more aptly demonstrated than by the woman at my gym. She is working hard without paying attention to those “smart” details that could give her the results she wants.

Are you doing the same in your CLNC® business? Are you following up with attorney-prospects or letting them fall into a black hole? Are you reviewing your cases with an eye to only important deviations or going down rabbit trails in your analysis? Vince Lombardi said “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Now more than ever it’s time to put that principle to work (perfectly).

One benefit you’ll find with correct form is that you’ll get more done in less time. Then you’ll have that extra time with your friends, family or yourself that you left the hospital to find.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share the ways you’ve learned to improve your working form and the difference it’s made for you.

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