You Have All the Gear You Need for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business – It’s Time to Put It to Use

The weather has finally turned to fall here in Houston. This means that for a too-short period of time, those summer days of 104+ degrees are gone. Our recent mornings have been in the low 60’s, what we currently consider “crisp.” Morning is my favorite time and Tom and I are out well before the sun comes up for a walk around our “hood.” Yesterday morning was a little extra crisp so I went to get a light jacket and also noticed my hiking gear, my arctic gear, my rain gear and even my diving gear.

When Tom and I walked out of the house, we were laughing about the fact that we have all the right gear for just about everything and that we are committed to putting it to more use this winter. There aren’t many mountains to climb here in Houston and I can’t remember the last time I needed a parka that’s best suited for the Antarctic winter. The boat pants and high boots I use for climbing in and out of zodiacs have come in handy with some of our rain storms – but the rest of the gear sits and waits for the proper vacation.

You have gear (tools) in your legal nurse consulting business too. Putting all the gear you have to use is just as important to your legal nurse consulting business as is using all the clothing and gear in your life. LegalNurse.com gives you the CLNC® gear you need to create a successful business as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Many of you buy computers, set up home offices and with the help of the CLNC® LaunchBox, turn out perfect promotional materials. But then, in the words of one CLNC® consultant, you get “professional bradycardia” and you don’t put that gear to use.

I’ve joked in the past about a souvenir t-shirt from one of our diving trips that says, “You can run out of air and die. You can get bitten by a shark and die or you can fall off the couch and die. Get off the couch!” You won’t fail, but more importantly, you can’t succeed until you take your tools and get to work.

Between your nursing knowledge and experience and the CLNC® Certification Training Program from the Institute, you’ve got the all the right gear you need to succeed. Make a plan and get started on the path to CLNC® success today, even if that means getting off the couch first or pulling the gear you need out of your legal nurse consulting closet.

I look forward to seeing you at the top and hearing your CLNC® Success Story.

Success Is Inside (once you get started)!

P.S. It’s going to be 80-plus degrees today. So much for fall in Houston.

P.P.S. Comment and share your favorite CLNC® gear.

One thought on “You Have All the Gear You Need for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business – It’s Time to Put It to Use

  1. Vickie,
    You and the CLNC® Mentors are the major part of my toolbox! It would be impossible to establish a thriving consulting business without the guidance and innovation you all provide us. A perfect example is the recent video post with Dale discussing Nurse IMEs. I have 3 new clients who specialize in TBI cases. One of the greatest needs is the development of projected medical expenses for settlement brochures. I am not a Life Care Planner, but I immediately knew that could develop the Nurse IME with a CLCP. I will be meeting with the clients in a few weeks. My next step is a CLNC® Mentor call!

    Thank you again Vickie!

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