Promise 4: I Commit to Being a Legal Nurse Consulting Success Student for Life

Promise 4: I Commit to Being a Legal Nurse Consulting Success Student for Life

All great athletes and performers practice every day. Even after they achieve a level of success, they continue to practice and take instruction from their coaches, learning new ways to reach higher levels. They are lifetime students.

Success breeds success. Becoming a legal nurse consulting success student for life is about practicing being successful. What’s hard today is easy tomorrow – with practice.

A woman who started her CLNC® business after completing Vickie Milazzo Institute’s CLNC® Certification Program told me, “I think I can do this.” A few weeks later, when the demands of the business world had her spinning in circles, she called and told me, “No way I can do this.” We talked through some of the strategies she had learned in class, and she kept taking action steps. When she accomplished her first big business goal, she called me again. This time she said, “I know I can do this.”

It is a myth to think you can launch a successful legal nurse consulting business or succeed in any life goal without learning. The most successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants respect the complexity of consulting with attorneys on medical-related cases and become students for life.

I’ve owned my own legal nurse consulting business for almost three decades, and I still learn every day – from my CLNC® students, staff members, favorite writers, speakers and business experts. No matter what the subject, there is always more to learn.

There are two ways you can learn:

  • The hard way – through trial and error, making lots of mistakes. We’re going to do some of that anyway, but this is a slow, expensive path to success.
  • The easier way – through the experience of others who have already successfully overcome the problems and discovered the answers. This is the quick and sure path to success. Just about any problem you will encounter, the right mentor has already successfully managed.

As a committed lifetime student, I choose to listen and learn from mentors who are far more successful than I am. I attribute much of my success to choosing my mentors wisely.

Commit now to being a legal nurse consulting success student for life and to learning not only from your own mistakes and accomplishments but also from successful mentors. When you do so, “I think I can” becomes “I know I can,” squelching any thoughts of “No way I can.”

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share how being a legal nurse consulting success student has helped you launch or grow your CLNC® business.

4 thoughts on “Promise 4: I Commit to Being a Legal Nurse Consulting Success Student for Life

  1. I truly believe that when you start thinking you have nothing else to learn and you quit pursuing learning opportunities you will fade away. I learn something new every day. While I am working on cases, researching, or on the stand in a trial, I learn new perspectives, new avenues, and new practices that will enhance my communication skills, my review skills, and educational presentation skills. Of course this list goes on and on. I thank all of the CLNC® Mentors, Vickie Milazzo Institute, and the attorneys for keeping me on my toes growing and expanding my insights all of the time. Because of this, I am a successful CLNC® consultant.

  2. Almost a year ago, I started my journey as a legal nurse consultant. My very first attorney client hired me to be a testifying expert on a med. mal. case and told me that he did not think he could utilize my services as a consulting expert. I eventually screened some cases for him and threw in some deposition questions just for fun. This same client took me out to lunch today, and actually wants to hire a testifying nurse and use my services as a consult to help him prepare for the same med. mal. case. He said my 22 years of nursing experience and knowledge of the hospital P&P would benefit his practice, making him an “even better attorney.” He also has taken me under his wing as a student of law, loaning me his most prized book, “Rules of the Road, A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability” by Rick Friedman & Patrick Malone. It inspired me to be a lifetime student for success! Thanks, for all of your mentoring!!!

  3. I passed my CLNC® Certification Exam in Sept last year. Within my first month I consulted on a personal injury & criminal case. I recently was contacted through the NACLNC® Directory & consulted on a NICU & perinatal injury case. I actually took Vickie’s CLNC® Home-Study Certification Program & finished it in just over two months. I am constantly pulling out the materials I received and review them whenever I start to question my next move. As I continue to gain confidence, I know Vickie’s teachings will provide the foundation I need to run a successful CLNC® consulting service.

  4. Inspiring words to focus us. I have always been like a sponge seeking new nursing practice information. Vickie has helped me to understand that to be successful owning your own business, business principles and marketing are to be added to my thirst for knowledge. Thanks Vickie.

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