15 Ways to Move Like a Maverick at the 2009 NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio

Even though I grew up in New Orleans, I love Texas, where I’ve lived since my college days. I agree with native Texans who say you never have to leave the state to experience what all the other states can offer put together. So, for the students and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants coming to the 2009 NACLNC® Conference on the San Antonio Riverwalk, March 12-13, 2009, here are just 15 fun ways for you to enjoy your Texas-sized weekend.

  1. Stroll the Riverwalk. Almost 2½ miles of footpaths, shade, restaurants, secret gardens and shopping. It’s magical in the evening when the trees are lit up, and your mouth waters from the delicious aromas coming from the fantastic array of restaurants.
  2. Have tacos for breakfast. It’s the Texas way to start your day. Spice it up with some chorizo (Mexican sausage). Margaritas are optional.
  3. Remember the Alamo! Yes you can’t go to San Antonio without a visit. Make sure you see Davy Crockett’s buckskin vest (bring your own coonskin cap).
  4. Visit the Menger Hotel. Have a drink in the bar where Teddy Roosevelt recruited cowboys, cattle rustlers and Texas Rangers to form the Rough Riders he later led to fame in the famous charge up San Juan Hill. Take a wander around the hotel while you’re there – you may see a ghost (even before that drink).
  5. Do your souvenir shopping at Market Square. You’ll find all the marimbas, maracas, piñatas, sombreros and coonskin caps you can carry as you walk these fun, pedestrian-only streets.
  6. Take a meal at Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia. A San Antonio landmark, at least for tourists. It’s a great place to eat your first baby goat (cabrito – a Mexican delicacy). If someone’s already gotten your goat, then go to the panaderia (bakery) for some terrific Mexican-style pastries – a great choice any time of day!
  7. Visit the world-famous Buckhorn Saloon and Museum. Proudly serving beer since 1881, it’s also home to the Hall of Texas History Wax Museum. Speaking of horny, it has over 1,200 trophy mounts from more than 500 species and “Old Tex,” the world’s largest mounted longhorn with horns that span eight feet, nine inches.
  8. If you have a car, take a potty break at the Toilet-Seat Museum. It’s just ten minutes north of the city and I don’t think I need to say any more.
  9. Military nurses might want to visit the Army Medical Department Museum at Fort Sam Houston (just one of four military bases in the San Antone area).
  10. Eat a moveable feast by arranging for dinner on any of the barges that float up and down the San Antonio River – it’ll be a night to remember.
  11. Think your spouse has big feet? Then go see the world’s largest pair of cowboy boots at the North Star Mall near the airport. At almost 40-feet tall and 20-feet long they’re even bigger than my husband’s feet.
  12. Beat the heat with a root beer at Schilo’s Deli that is served in a frosted mug with a frothy head. Schilo’s has been a local destination since 1917. My favorite reason to go there – your second mug is free!
  13. Ride to the top of the Tower of the Americas and look out over the beautiful Texas Hill Country – you can even wave to your ground-hugging CLNC® friends far below.
  14. Take a walking tour of San Antonio’s first neighborhood. La Villita is now a thriving art community that stands as a monument to San Antonio’s past.
  15. Send your family to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for the day. They can feel like Superman on the Krypton Coaster, beat the heat in the water park or just hang out in the kiddie park. Whatever the age of your children – 5-55, they’ll love it!

Before you set out on your maverick tour of San Antonio, remember to come prepared to keep the pace at the 2009 NACLNC® Conference.

  • Come relaxed and ready to discover new ideas. The NACLNC® Conference is much more fun when you’re rested, and you’ll learn so much more if you leave your stress behind.
  • Pack energy bars, raw nuts and other healthy snacks to maintain your energy. The “Betcha Can’t” margaritas wear off quickly.
  • Bring plenty of business cards to swap out with the 1,000 new CLNC® friends you’ll meet.
  • Go online and print the NACLNC® Conference textbook sessions you plan on attending.

Have a great trip and check back on March 11, 2009 to read my tips on how to Master New Unconventional Strategies During the 2009 NACLNC® Conference.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment on your favorite fun things to do in San Antonio.

10 thoughts on “15 Ways to Move Like a Maverick at the 2009 NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio

  1. Hi Vickie,

    Thank you for these great tips for things to do in San Antonio. I look forward to seeing you and your staff again at the Conference.

    I just have to say thank you! Legal nursing consulting has transformed my life. I haven’t had this much fun in years. I had come to a crossroads in my career. I was searching the Internet late last May for a way to combine my nursing experience with my previous career as a professional librarian. I came across the LegalNurse.com website and purchased the VIP CLNC® Success System the next day. I knew I had found what I was looking for.

    After working through the Home-Study CLNC® Certification Program DVDs, I passed the CLNC® Certification Exam, and then attended the CLNC® 6-Day Certification Seminar in Las Vegas. I also listened to the Advanced CLNC® Practice-Building Program CDs and read through all the materials at least once.

    After the seminar, I started my business in earnest. My brother-in-law, a free-lance architect, challenged me to contact 100 attorneys by the end of the year. I sent out introductory letters, made phone calls and sent out a newsletter. Whenever I felt ‘stuck,’ I read your book Flash 55 FREE Promotions – 55 FREE Ways to Promote Your CLNC® Business.

    I got my first case through a cold call on a Friday afternoon. An attorney wanted me to find an expert witness pronto since his expert, who had already been deposed, had just dropped dead! After completing this challenge, I knew I could do it.

    I got my second case from a “Vickie tip.” There is a firm that handles nursing home cases and I thought I could help. I contacted the firm several times and talked to the managing partner who was pleasant and supportive, but didn’t give me a case. I found an article in my new AJN about the dangers of atypical antipsychotics and the elderly. I copied it and sent it to him with a short note. The next week I got a call asking me to find an MD to screen a case. I convinced them to let me screen the case first and then locate the testifying expert. They agreed, and were amazed at the additional issues, backed up with recent medical literature, I found for them.

    I scan the newspaper daily and just before the 6-Day Seminar, I found an interesting article about a huge lawsuit filed by an attorney over the death of a child. Thinking about the “Rodney King” CLNC® Success Story, I phoned the attorney to offer my CLNC® services. I spoke with him briefly and sent him my marketing packet. I did not hear from him again. I phoned in late November and did not get a reply. Two weeks ago I sent an email with some brief information about a similar injury. He emailed me today, wanting to have coffee and get me started on the case!

    I am working hard on a presentation for law firms and community groups. Every day I read “something Vickie” and a nursing article. I am working up research protocols for myself.

    I did not mean to write so much, but I wanted you to know that you are 1000% right about exactly how to do this legal nurse consulting business. Thank you for creating this opportunity for me and all of us CLNC® consultants. Performing with excellence is wonderful, but creating the means for others to succeed as well is ultra-amazing!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Blessings on your New Year.

  2. Joanne,

    Congratulations on your success as a Certified Legal Nurse ConsultantCM. I am excited to hear that you are taking action and using your advanced CLNC® resources. It’s definitely the way to get ahead in your CLNC® business.

    Way to go, Joanne. You’ve not only found your niche, but you’re having fun too! Keep working your passion.

    See you in San Antonio!

  3. I have to add my thank you, to Vickie for teaching us all so well, and to Joanne for the great stories on how you got started. I will put them to good use and I have added Joanne to my list of CLNC® consultants I will call on when I need research help!

    I added something simple to my marketing this past week after catching up on all the blogs last week and getting some great tips. When making follow-up calls to attorneys this week, I now offer complimentary educational sessions (like we learned) on medical-related topics of their choosing. The magic is that now whomever I am talking to, attorney or assistant, they don’t blow me off. I have something free I am offering and they show true interest in what I am saying. They take my phone number again, and most have said, I will talk to the attorney and get back to you.

    Over the weekend, I wrote 3 articles and put them on my website. I am in the process of working on a newsletter with condensed versions of those articles that I will use for future mailings. Thank you again to both of you.

  4. Hi Vickie,

    It’s 21 days and counting before 4 of us leave Milwaukee at oh-dark-thirty to make the road trip to San Antonio. Why drive, you ask? It’s a long story, but the long and short of it is this. I lost my hearing due to a massive ear infection on New Year’s Eve, so there went the flight alone. I got on the directory and emailed my CLNC® peers from this part of the state and, bingo, 3 others decided driving together was the way to go. We met for brunch a couple of weeks ago and hit it off so well that we’re in frequent contact, even subcontracting! WOW! We booked our room and now are looking at things to do when we arrive, before the conference, at night after the sessions and before we leave for home on Saturday. Two of us have military experience and have been stationed at Fort Sam. I was there about “100 yrs ago” (at least it seems that long!) before nursing school, and the others not that long, so it’ll be interesting to see how things have changed in the city. I’m so excited I got a video from the library on the Alamo to refresh my good but short memory of history. Thanks again for the non-stop information you share. Can’t wait to see you and your team again, and learn more ways to spread my wings as a CLNC® consultant!

  5. To Vickie and my fellow CLNC® consultants,

    Well, I will now count myself no longer as a silent blog reader. I am so looking forward to attending the NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio. I completed my CLNC® Home-Study Certification Program in August 2008, passed the CLNC® Certification Exam and then in October 2008, attended the 6-Day CLNC® Certification Seminar in Las Vegas, which was very energizing for me, and I made a new friend who also lives in Washington state.

    I have been to San Antonio once before about 4 years ago. I got a chance to see some of the Riverwalk and we had a great dinner there along the waterfront sitting outside enjoying the Mariachi band. Since it was rather late at night when we got there, I am looking forward seeing the Riverwalk in the daytime. I also saw the Alamo (they were closed) in the dark and I am hoping Joanne and I will get a chance to see all of it during daylight hours. It looks like there is much more to see so I do hope that we will get to see lots more of San Antonio.

  6. Thank you Vickie!

    I am looking forward to meeting my fellow CLNC® consultants and your staff. I am planning on taking in the sights during the weekend, and I appreciate your suggestions on points of interest in the area. I am definitely going to try some Cabrito!

    Take care y’all and see you there!

  7. Joanne, you’ve added fuel to my fire! My husband gave me very similar ideas around the first of the year. I took the advice and have done, nothing but that, dirty (P) word, PROCRASTINATE! That word does NOT belong in the world with Certified Legal Nurse Consultants! Thank you Joanne, we are building bonfires!

  8. I am Certified Nurse-Midwife from Indiana. I am doing the CLNC® Home-Study Certification Program now in preparation for the 6-Day CLNC® Certification Seminar in Las Vegas at the end of March. I am attending the NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio and am very excited to meet CLNC® consultants and start networking. Due to a recent accident while playing soccer, I broke my right lower leg. So, I will be the red head with the cast and crutches (unless I find an easier way to get around).

    For those of you reading this…I should be done with the Home-Study Program before San Antonio. Should I try to sit for the CLNC® Certification Exam before the Vegas seminar or just take the test in Vegas?

    Second question…Is there any way to “stroll” the Riverwalk when you are on crutches or need other forms of assistive mobility devices?

    It is cold in Indiana so, in addition to meeting you all, I look forward to the sun and heat.

  9. Christina,

    I look forward to meeting you at the NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio. There are handicap access points along the Riverwalk. One is the Hyatt Regency at 123 Losoya Street and the other is the Swig Martini Bar located at 111 W Crockett Street, #205. Keep in mind that the Riverwalk does get crowded with tourists and this might impede your progress occasionally. You will love the ambiance!

    Congratulations on attending the CLNC® 6-Day Certification Seminar in Las Vegas. For convenience, I recommend you take the exam immediately following the exam review on Day 6 in Vegas.

    See you in San Antonio!

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