Emotional News for All Nurses

To address the rising fear among RNs of treating Ebola patients, I've been asked to go on national television this afternoon. I will discuss the alarming impact Ebola has placed on the already dangerous levels of stress among RNs. My goal is to represent the front-line nurses I’ve heard from and to share your fears and concerns over the lack of preparedness by healthcare facilities.
Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Send Your Legal Nurse Consulting Files On Their Way!

In my Tech Tip – Don’t Fall Off the (File) Path I gave Certified Legal Nurse Consultants an easy way to insert a document file path into their legal nurse consulting work-product to help keep track of file locations. In today’s Tech Tip I’m going to give you another way to use the use either Windows Explorer or the File Open menu, to navigate to a legal nurse consulting document or image on your computer or network and easily attach that file to an email or instead, move it to another location (say a working file or network location).