One Bottle of Tequila Equals Two Personal Injury Attorney-Clients

At a national legal conference, an attorney who specialized in construction law spun our National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants wheel of fortune and won a prize, but not the bottle of Don Julio tequila he wanted. He casually mentioned to the exhibiting CLNC consultant that there were two personal injury attorneys in his law firm. She immediately picked up the bottle of Don Julio and said, “If you bring those two personal injury attorneys to our booth and introduce me, this bottle of tequila is yours.” Sure enough, three hours later, that construction attorney came back with the two personal injury attorneys in tow, made the introductions and claimed his tequila.

Tom’s Tech Tip: Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Legal Nurse Consulting Gear Back

Let’s face it, it’s human to lose things and since most of us are human, we’re going to lose things. I’m not proud to say it, but on a daily basis I lose my car keys, my wallet and occasionally my temper. So far though, I haven’t (permanently) lost my digital camera, iPhone®, iPad®, laptop or sanity. However, I do assume that the day is inevitable that one (or more) of those will go walkabout.

Thoughts for Success: If Business Was Easy, Everybody Would Be Doing It

Business is hard and I’m glad it is. Even after 32 years in business things don’t always go as planned at Vickie Milazzo Institute. Like all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, we have days when the train comes off the track. And when it does, my staff is likely to hear me say, “If business was easy, everybody would be doing it.” That single phrase reminds me (and them) that there’s a reason no one else does what we do and no one does it the way we do it. After a laugh together we buckle down and work on getting the train back on the track.