The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s Role in Talc Powder Lawsuits

Baby powder is safe for babies… and if it’s safe for babies it must be safe for adults – at least that’s what we’ve all been led to believe. After all, your grandmother used it on your mother, your mother used it on you and you’ve used it on your babies. But a products liability case alleges that using baby powder containing talc for feminine hygiene purposes can cause the development of ovarian cancer.

Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Robert Quillen

To launch a successful business as a legal nurse consultant you have to believe in yourself. It helps to count all of your assets – giving your past successes at your RN jobs an encore. After all you save lives. You handle emergencies as easily as you make the bed in the morning. You make split second decisions that are the difference between life and death for your patients. And you do all of that even when the odds are against you.

CLNC® Success Story: Smart Attorneys Know Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Are More Cost-Effective than Physicians

In this video, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Cybil Fregia, RN, CLNC shares her story of meeting a personal injury attorney on a vacation flight. Cybil discussed her role as a CLNC consultant and shared that she charges $150/hour. The attorney responded, “Oh, that’s nothing. As soon as you get your legal nurse consulting certification, contact me – I’ve got personal injury and medical malpractice cases for you.”