Thoughts for Success: Do the Right Thing When No One Is Looking

The expression “action speaks louder than words” is never truer than in respect to our integrity. Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant can talk a good game, but what happens when we’re alone, unobserved, and our integrity is tested? That’s when we find out exactly how much integrity we have. For example, when you’re on Facebook are you on the attorney’s clock or your own?

5 Easy Ways for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to Take Over the World Using Social Media

I have a few RN friends on social media who focus on personal social networking, but haven’t yet used social media to grow their legal nurse consulting business and expand their network of CLNC subcontractors. Social media is indeed taking over the world, which makes it even more important that Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are in the social media conversation. To that end, here are five ways you can build your social network:

Job Satisfaction Outlook for Newly Licensed Registered Nurses

Do you remember your first job as an RN and how exciting everything was? Starting an IV – exciting! Saving a patient’s life – exciting! That excitement might not have lasted for 20 or 40 years, but you can still recall it, can’t you? A study published in the Journal of Nursing Economics (JNE) suggests the excitement for newly licensed registered nurses (NLRNs) about their RN job is at an all-time low.

Attorney Addresses 4 Services Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Should Provide in Disability Cases

In this video, attorney Mike Nelson shares how legal nurse consultants are invaluable resources to attorneys in disability cases. In a disability case, the attorney’s first goal is the plaintiff’s best health outcome, both physically and psychologically. No one is better qualified to help the attorney accomplish this goal than the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Look the Part to Play the Part as a Professional Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

I’ve never met a Broadway play I didn’t like (except maybe one or two by Harold Pinter) and any time I’m in New York City I cram in as many Broadway shows as I can. Tom and I love it all – drama (Chekov’s “The Seagull” with the unexpected bonus of sitting right behind Keanu Reeves), outlandish musicals (“Kinky Boots”) and dance performances (“Alvin Ailey”). But as much as I love theater I also love roaming the streets of New York City.