CLNC Success Story: Presentations Open Attorneys' Doors and Snag Business for This Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

CLNC® Success Story: Presentations Open Attorneys’ Doors and Snag Business for This Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Ruth Lewis, RN, CLNC shares that presentations are one of her favorite ways to obtain new attorney-clients. Ruth’s strategy is to call the attorney-prospect’s office and offer to do a free 20-minute lunchtime presentation on electronic medical records (EMR).

With the deadline looming for hospitals and healthcare providers to move to electronic documentation, attorneys gladly open their doors to Ruth, eager to learn more about the complex and mysterious EMR. That’s where Ruth steps in with her experience on electronic documentation and delivers a powerful presentation from the point of view of the legal nurse consultant.

Ruth closes her presentation by explaining how her experience as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and registered nurse can benefit the law firm. To keep her top of mind with the attorneys, Ruth leaves the attorneys handouts branded with her legal nurse consulting company’s business name and contact information. These popular presentations have led to many cases and new attorney-clients, all of which form the core of Ruth’s legal nurse consulting business.

Congratulations Ruth!

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6 thoughts on “CLNC® Success Story: Presentations Open Attorneys’ Doors and Snag Business for This Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

  1. Hi Ruth, I am currently working on the CLNC® Certification Program and plan to take my test within the next few weeks. Did you create the presentation yourself? Congrats on pushing your business in this aspect.

  2. Hi Ruth! Congratulations! That is a GREAT idea!! I would love to hear more about this. I just started my CLNC® business in Alabama and am trying to put together a couple key presentations to use to get in the door as well. Would love to hear from you.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you, Vickie for all of your encouragement you have been to me in my successful CLNC® business. Anyone starting out in your legal nurse consulting business needs to follow all of Vickie’s advice. You will be successful if you listen to her. She is truly amazing.

    Thank you again Vickie!!!!

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Thank you for sharing. This is a very good idea. When you put together your presentation, how did you tailor it to interest and benefit the attorney-client? I am very familiar with the EMR, just not sure how to make it into a presentation for them.
    Thank you for any help you can offer.

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