Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Internet Explorer 8 – Must Have or Must Have-Not for Legal Nurse Consultants?

From the beginning - let me disclose a conflict of interest, I'm a Firefox user. I've flirted with Apple's Safari but find it is too slow to render its pages, and it's got the worst search function ever designed for looking for text on a web page (although it does tell you how many matches there are on a page). I've customized my Firefox browser to include my favorite blogs, news and RSS feeds and, even though it's a little slow to open the first time you fire it up each day, I love the fact that I'm tuned in to the world every time I jump on the Net. It's great the way I can do tabbed browsing, with a simple right-click opening pages from my Yahoo! searches in a new tab so I'm not clicking forward and back to get to my search results after a page pans out. It's also cool to be able to look up forgotten passwords for websites that deleted my "cookies."
Saying Nothing Can Get You Everything as a Legal Nurse Consultant!

Saying Nothing Can Get You Everything as a Legal Nurse Consultant!

Sometimes silence really is golden. Any negotiating coach will tell you that in a situation where one party to a negotiation makes an offer or statement and a period of silence sets in, the first party to talk or break that silence loses the point. Silence can be uncomfortable when you are talking to attorneys about your legal nurse consulting services, so how do you pull that off?

Are You Giving 5-Star Legal Nurse Consulting Customer Service?

Two nights ago, Tom and I had dinner in a fairly chi-chi restaurant here in Chicago. It's known for celebrity sightings, great food and décor. Tom and I tend to eat fairly early (I'm up at 4:00am and usually have two meals before most people eat lunch). We're not so early that we get caught in the walker stampede as the 2-for-1 early birds make their exits, but we do sometimes bump into the last of the hobbling stragglers.

Black Box for Botox® – A Warning or Potential Legal Defense?

Last year, Botox, a medication containing Botulinum Toxin A, was routinely injected into over 2.5 million Americans and generated $1.3 billion in sales. All this despite reports that Botox could cause symptoms similar to botulism, loss of bladder control, blurred vision, trouble breathing, swallowing and talking (not because of the size of those lips). Certified Legal Nurse Consultants working for plaintiff and defense firms should be aware that on April 30, 2009, the FDA issued a statement that all botulinum toxin products (including Botox and Botox Cosmetic) carry a black box label warning as well as a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS).
Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Is the Internet Down or Is It Just Me?

Friday I came home from work, docked my computer, fired it up and went to check the movie times at the dollar theatre for my big date with Vickie. Firefox browser fired up – nothing. Opened up IE8 – nothing. Tried Safari – still nothing. Looked at the DSL modem and router – all seem fine (all das blinkenlights vas blinklen und flashen). My first reaction was that my end is working, it must be the Internet that is down.

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, Are You as Irresistible to Attorneys as Starbucks® Is to Coffee Lovers?

On my trip from Houston to San Diego to attend the christening of my new great-niece Reese, I experienced a strong dose of branding. Many of you know I enjoy my cups of healthy green tea almost as much as I enjoy a glass of healthy red wine. You probably don't know that I have a secret addiction for Starbucks coffee. One that's not entirely healthy if I'm not careful to tame it. I don't get a Starbucks fix on a daily basis, but I manage to fit in two-three cups a week (usually at least one free one) on my morning walks with Tom. So, anytime I hit an airport in the morning (and I tend to fly only in the morning), my internal GPS goes off as soon as I clear security. That GPS will lead Tom and I directly to the airport's Starbucks for my "red-eye."