What’s On Your Mind Describes Your Mind

What’s On Your Mind Describes Your Mind

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, there’s a great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that states: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Like everybody, I have days that are bogged down with events and other people’s stuff that de-energize me. But my best days are those where I exchange ideas with business colleagues, friends, family and Tom. Eleanor Roosevelt was right. Expanding and stretching of the mind by exchanging ideas create success.

Today I want you to be an honest observer of every single thought and use your nursing assessment skills to analyze whether your thoughts are serving you and your purpose. Are you thinking about ideas for your legal nurse consulting business? Or, are you spending your thoughts on the latest incident on your unit or something going on in Washington that’s beyond your circle of influence? Or worse, are you thinking about another person in a negative way? It’s easy to be pulled into a negative cycle, but with a little practice it’s just as easy to get into a positive cycle.

Eleanor tells us where we need to concentrate our energies to become more than we are. Today, consider whether your own thoughts are energizing and supporting, or whether they are detracting from where you want to be for 2024. Once you are aware of your pattern of thinking, you can decide to make a change.

Today, I’m striving to be a great mind. How about you?

Success Is Yours,

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