What Is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who uses existing expertise as a healthcare professional plus specialized legal nurse consultant training to consult on medical-related cases. Legal nurse consultants work closely with more than 1,300,000 attorneys in the U.S. as the nursing and healthcare system experts on the litigation team.

They can also consult with a wide range of organizations including insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other medical-related organizations. A legal nurse consultant bridges that gap in the attorney’s knowledge. While the attorney is the expert on legal issues, the legal nurse consultant is the expert on nursing, the healthcare system and its inner workings.

I am so proud and honored to be a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and a member of the NACLNC® Association. What an awesome organization! Keep it up!

Gillian Kane-Berman

What Does a Legal Nurse Consultant Do?

Legal nurse consultants apply their knowledge and understanding of medical, nursing and health-related issues to make an attorney’s job easier, more efficient and more effective. Legal nurse consultants can offer a wide array of services from interpreting medical records to preparing deposition questions. For a full list of the 33 services offered by legal nurse consultants click here.

What Types of Cases Do Legal Nurse Consultants Work On?

From groundbreaking litigation to standard medical malpractice, legal nurse consultants can work on a nearly unlimited range of cases. Medical malpractice, products liability, criminal and workers’ compensation are just a few of the types of cases on which legal nurse consultants can provide valuable insight. These specially trained nurses can be the difference in winning or losing for an attorney. For a full list of the types of cases handled by legal nurse consultants click here.

Why Should I Become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

By becoming a legal nurse consultant you are demonstrating that you have mastered a complex body of specialized knowledge beyond the nursing degree. Recognized nationally by attorneys, the CLNC® Certification enhances your credibility with attorneys and promotes excellence in the principles and practices of legal nurse consulting. You will also become a member of the largest legal nurse consulting association in the U.S., the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC®).

What Will I Learn During the Certification Process?

LegalNurse.com’s Certification Process is the most comprehensive legal nurse consultant program available to registered nurses. Developed and perfected through 41 years of legal nurse consulting experience, our certification process covers 17 modules starting with The Role of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant through Business Development Principles to help you setup and manage your legal nurse consultant business. You can view our entire comprehensive legal nurse consultant curriculum and learn more about the legal nurse consultant certification process.

We encourage you complete Module 1: The Role of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Click here to enroll in the 3½ hour online video course for free.

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