15 Fun Things to Do Aboard the Wonder of the Seas During the 2024 National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC®) Conference

The 2024 NACLNC Conference is two months away, so it’s time to start planning all your excursions and figuring out all the fun things you’ll want to do onboard too. The Wonder of the Seas is brand new and one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

We’re all going to be together for a week on this magnificent vessel, so while you’re not in one of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants educational conference sessions, discussing legal nurse consultant jobs with your CLNC® colleagues or networking for legal nurse consultant subcontractors, here’s 15 fun things you can do:

  1. Cruise the Hoods: The Wonder has eight different neighborhoods – Central Park (my favorite for the trees and squirrels), Royal Promenade (my favorite for the shopping), Pool and Sports Zone (my favorite for the excitement), Vitality at Sea Spa (my favorite for relaxing), Entertainment Place (my favorite for dancing), Youth Zone (my favorite because all my CLNC friends can drop their kids there for the week) and we can then enjoy “adult” time together and the Boardwalk (my favorite for the carousel).
  2. Dance Your Heart Out at the Silent Party: When you enter this disco you get your own set of headphones, pick your own music and can sing and dance without the fear of anyone hearing you. Here’s the best part, whether you’re dancing to Frank Sinatra, Prince or Milli Vanilli, no one will know but you. Remember, at sea no one can hear you sing (unless they take their headphones off to listen). Count me in!
  3. Escape the Mundane: Joining the ultra-trendy “escape room” games, Wonder’s “Royal Escape Room” strands a small group of travelers in the Royal Society of Puzzles. They then have less than an hour to escape. Apparently a small percentage of “normal” travelers solve the puzzle, but I’m sure that 100% of the CLNC consultants will (or they better, LOL).
  4. Take a Spin Through the Seasons: 365: The Seasons on Ice show lets you sit back in awe as the world revolves around you. Enjoy the whimsical pallet of colors, sound and sights of the four seasons. You will love this show!
  5. Take a Sea Horse Ride: Not really a sea horse per se, but CLNC consultants of all ages should enjoy at least one ride on the one-of-a-kind, handcrafted carousel located in the Boardwalk neighborhood. You may not catch a brass ring, but you can sure enjoy the ups and downs of some good old-fashioned fun.
  6. Get Lost in the Perfect Storm: Ride the twin slides, Typhoon and Cyclone. Then try the Ultimate Abyss if you dare. You’ll ride a magic carpet (really a mat) down a 10-story drop ending up on the Boardwalk. There’s two so you can race a friend to lunch, if you have the stomach afterwards.
  7. Zip It: What’s a cruise ship without a zip line? We’ll never know because the Wonder has its own zip line far above the Boardwalk. Wave to your fellow Certified Legal Nurse Consultants as you fly by their inside balcony staterooms – just don’t let go!
  8. Take the Flow to the Max: Here’s your chance to surf a 60,000 gallon/minute flow of water. The line is sure to be short because the Wonder has two Flowriders® for double the CLNC fun. If you’ve never hung ten, this may not be the time to try, but we’ll all enjoy watching.
  9. Enjoy the Robotics: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants may have mixed feelings about robotic surgery, but one thing they can all agree on is mixed drinks by a robot bartender. The good news is that the only risks here are falling off your stool after one martini too many.
  10. Rock Out: If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the view from the top, take a chance and climb to the top of one of the two rock-climbing walls. Once you’re up there you’ll enjoy an unparalleled view from more than 200 ft above sea level. I’ll meet you up there!
  11. Ride the Tide: The Rising Tide Bar is a unique moving, or rising, bar that goes from the Royal Promenade deck up to Central Park. You have plenty of time to savor your drinks on the way up, down or both. Think of it as an “adult” elevator ride or riding a lifeboat with really good drinks.
  12. Enjoy the Show: With theaters, ice shows, comedy shows, dance parties and more, you’ll never run out of things to do, so plan on getting out of your cabin and having some fun with your family and CLNC colleagues. Just remember to attend the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants educational conference sessions on Tuesday and Friday!
  13. Get Wired (or Wireless): The Wonder calls VOOM the fastest wireless Internet at sea. It will allow you to stay in touch with your attorney-clients and keep up-to-date on your legal nurse consultant jobs. Check out the Royal Caribbean website for more information.
  14. Stay Hydrated. We are nurses and we need caffeine! Bottled water and wine bills can add up quickly onboard, especially if you’re traveling with your spouse. Purchase your all-you-can-drink soda or wine plans before or after you board. You can even buy a bottled water package in advance too.
  15. Join Us for the Exclusive NACLNC Networking Events. We have lots of special events planned for you. Your family and cabin mates are invited to ALL of the NACLNC networking functions. We can’t wait!
    • Monday, April 15 from 6:30-7:30pm – MANDATORY NACLNC Conference Registration and Welcome Reception. Go to the Music Hall on Deck 8, aft to sign in. Get registered early because the NACLNC Welcome Reception starts right at 6:30pm and you can’t get your free tropical drinks if you haven’t signed in!
    • Every evening at 7:45pm – NACLNC Networking Dinners. Join us in the Main Dining Room for late-seating dinner. We have a special section just for CLNC consultants, your guests and families. To make the most out of this unique opportunity, be sure to sit with someone new every evening. Nothing’s better than networking over dessert, especially if it’s on fire!
    • Saturday, April 20 from 6:30-7:30pm – NACLNC Farewell Reception. It’s our last evening together and there’s no better way to end your cruise than by raising a glass and toasting your CLNC colleagues. Join us in the Music Hall on Deck 8, aft.

Since I know you’re not on the 2024 NACLNC Conference Cruise for just the vacation and fun, remember the two days of premier NACLNC educational sessions designed just for you. We’ve scheduled them for sea days so you won’t miss a single port city. Get your CLNC legs ready and CLNC you onboard!

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share your fun ideas for the 2024 National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Conference Cruise.

P.P.S. If you are joining us on the cruise, watch for an email from the Institute on March 11, 2024 which will give you the link to the Conference textbook. Then on March 26, 2024, you’ll receive very important announcements which you’ll want to read and print before you depart for the cruise.
Next, on April 2, 2024 you’ll receive final important instructions.

P.P.P.S. Just a reminder to make sure you (and everyone in your party) have passports. You’ll need them to get on the ship and back into the states when we return. Like I always say, if you don’t look like your passport picture now, don’t despair, you will by the end of our time together!

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