7 Important Announcements for the 2024 National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Conference, April 14-21, 2024

The 2024 NACLNC® Conference will be here before you know it. Whether this is your first cruise or you’re an old-salt at cruising, you’ll want to handle these 7 details before you sail.

  1. Pack Your Passport and Know Where You Packed It. You and everyone in your party will each need a valid passport in order to get on the ship and to clear customs. Just as important as remembering to pack your passport is remembering where you packed it. There’s nothing more embarrassing than watching your fellow CLNC® consultants sail away without you because you forgot where you hid that passport.
  2. Check the Details Carefully. The name on your cruise reservation must match your passport or else you’ll be standing onshore with the person who lost their passport. If the names don’t match you may be refused boarding. Check your paperwork and if there’s a discrepancy, immediately contact University at Sea at 800.422.0711.
  3. Plan Your Budget In Advance. Just about everything you drink onboard will have a charge and an associated gratuity, and it all adds up pretty quickly. Depending upon the level of your alcohol, bottled water or soda dependency you might consider one of the “all-you-can-consume” drink packages. Here’s the good news for highly caffeinated registered nurses – coffee and iced tea are plentiful and usually free.
  4. Carry What You Can or Just What You Need. Luggage is delivered in ship time, meaning whenever they deliver it, so pack a small hand-carry bag with your essentials such as meds and bathing suit.
  5. Don’t Get Caught Roaming. Check with your cellular carrier to make sure you understand roaming fees in the various islands/countries we’ll be visiting. The Wonder of the Seas is supposed to have the best high-speed wireless Internet of any ship in the world. If you’re planning on staying connected to email, Facebook® and your attorney-clients, our recommendation is to buy and use unlimited Internet access on the ship. Then you can go in and out of “airplane” mode when in ports to avoid roaming charges.
  6. Check In Online, Plan Your Excursions and Buy Those Drink Packages In Advance. Check in online and you can do everything from having bottled water delivered to your room to planning excursions to reserving specialty dining. You’ll want to do some of this prior to embarkation, so get on it!
  7. Pack Some Extra Room on Your Credit Card (and Maybe an Extra Bag). You can’t spend your cash onboard. Everything you buy will be charged to your SeaPass® card which is your combination ID, cabin key, and onboard credit card. You’ll need to put down a credit card at check-in to cover your onboard expenses. Also, if you plan on using your credit card in the port cities, you’ll want to call your card company and let them know where you’re traveling to or else they may cancel your card the first time you use it outside the U.S. Plus, when you get onboard there are clothing, jewelry, art and more sales, sales and sales every day. Those treasures stack up quickly so consider packing a foldable bag to get it all home.

I look forward to seeing you all onboard!

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Mandatory NACLNC Conference Registration and Welcome Reception is Monday, April 15 at 6:30-7:30pm in the Music Hall on Deck 8, aft. See you there!

P.P.S. Comment and share your tips for getting ready for the 2024 NACLNC Conference Cruise.

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